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Sports teach the aspect of teamwork because they have to work with other people in order to achieve the same goal. It makes you not worry about what you're doing, but working together to get done what needs to be done.

"It makes you not worry about what you're doing, but working together to get done what needs to be done." Not exactly true.

Team sports teach team work because, you the individual need to preform your duties/ responsibility to the best of your ability and expect the same from the person next to you, in order for the team, as a unit, to perform at the best of its ability.

The team can only preform as well as its weakest link, and you don't want to be that link, nor does anyone else. You up your performance and so will your teammates, making for a stronger team.

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Q: How do sports teach teamwork?
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Why do sports teach teamwork?

sports teach teamwork because all the players are working together to win

What does team sports teach you?

responsibility, teamwork, physical toughness, mental toughness

How sports help students?

Teach these guys teamwork and have a positive attitude and makes them drop their balls

What does basketball teach you?


Character development through sports?

playing sports can teach many good characterstic, expecially to younger kids (not to young that they don't understand though). For example, being ona sports team teaches teamwork, reliability, devotion, responsibitly, and goals.

Why should there be competitive sports in school?

Competitive sports teach kids cooperation, teamwork etc. Also it's great for the health of your body, it keeps you fit and sharp. Excelling at a sport will help you get into college too. Believe me, I know.

How does football teach teamwork?

if one fails punish them all

What do they teach you in cheer-leading?

They teach teamwork, positive attitudes, flexibility, and the ability to follow a beat better.

Do kids who participate in sports have better teamwork?

Yes. When kids are on a team they learn teamwork and social skills. Hope this helps!:-)

Why is it good to have sports you school?

So you can have fun, get some exercise, and build teamwork (on team sports).

Does sports help youths the value of teamwork?

Yes, but not individual sports like golf or tennis.

How does the universe teach you the value of teamwork?

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Why is sports good for you?

Physically fit, social with other, and teamwork

What does sports teach you?

Many Sports teach you how to work as a whole team. Such as good sportsmenship. Also they teach you to be confindent in yourself.

How can sports help you succeed in life?

Playing sports can teach you a great deal about how to succeed in life - how to win graciously, how to lose graciously, dedication, teamwork, communication, etc. However, this only works if you learn these skills while being involved in sports and you deliberately apply them across the major aspects of your life.

What can sports teach you more than school?

Sports teach you team work, and how to use your muscles.

How do sports educate people?

Teaches teamwork, responsibility, cooperation, skills.

What Lessons can you learn from playing team sports?

teamwork! sportsmanship! hoorahh!

Why are sports important for kids?

teamwork is important and friends are super and it is heealthy for you

What do kids learn by playing sports?

teamwork, leadership, and self-confidence

Does basketball teach teamwork?

yes basketball does teach because the whole game isn't surrounded around you, you have to pass the dang ball!!

What do team sports bring to people?

If you play team sports, you will develop a sense of friendship, cooperation, and teamwork skills.

What is the importance of sports in the life of students?

Sports build teamwork, friendships, and gives students a chance to represent their schools.

How are football and volleyball alike?

Both sports use a ball, are fully agile sports and built around teamwork.

What are the valuable lessons derived from sports?

respect determinatin patience teamwork and cooperation