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it builds team confidence

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Q: How do sports help you become a team player?
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Related questions

Individual sports are better than team sports?

Personally I think individual sports are better because u don't need to help others. And you don't need to be a team player...

How sports effect on personality?

Sports help people adjust within society. They become a part of a team; therefore, they learn how to socialize and talk to others.

What are the odds to become an MLB player?

About 1% of the population become part of professional sports. It takes talent, focus, and some luck to join a team.

What is team sports?

Team sports are those which have more than one player on each 'side'.

How does team sports help in real life situations?

Team Sports help you because they teach you how use sportsmanship. Which helps you move on in life.

Do sports help people make friends?

Yes because when people of any age are into a sports they work as a team and there is a code of ethics and a bond between that team. Some of the team members will put their trust in one or two of the members on the team and become friends. Sports expands your life by teaching one emotional control; teamwork and social skills.

How do you become a talent scout for a sports team?

you have to play for a sports team to become a talent scout it takes years of experience, you have to eye the best players from high school and college

What is the correct definition of individual team sport?

Sports consisting of more than one player on the field or court at a time.

How is a sports team captain selected?

they choose the best player in their team

Why sports necessary to us?

sports help to work as a team. it develops confidence.

How do codes help sports team?

They help becasue the other team does not know what you are going to do but your team does. Codes act as the element of surprise.

Which is not a life skill that team sports can help develop?


How Soccer has impact your life.?

Soccer has personally impacted my life through how it encourages my competitive spirit, made me more of a team player and help me become more social. Psychologically it has been said that people who play sports tend to become more outgoing, due to increased confidence from the sport.

What is the term for a substitute player on a sports team?


Which has more benefits team sports or individual sports?

I know team sports because you are seen worldwide. Hard to decide as some people prefer to do things their own way and dont contribute to teams mucch'.. Team sports are much better but with most team sports there is one player that is a superstar on the team so you just have to watch out for that.

Is it better to take part in individual sports than team sports?

In my opinion it is better to participate in individual sports, because you become more self- confident and more independent, as if participating in team sports because then you rely on others

What values or virtues can team sports develop in you?

Team sports can help you learn to work together with others, to communicate with your teammates, to follow your leader, and to win or lose gracefully.

Which sports has 5 player on team aside from basketball?


How do code help sports teams?

They help becasue the other team does not know what you are going to do but your team does. Codes act as the element of surprise.

What is the correct definition of group team sports?

Sports consisting of more than one player on the field or court at a time.

How can you become popular in school?

join team sports, and date a cheerleader

What is a walk on position in sports?

A walk on is a player who is not a scholarship player who makes the team during tryouts

How do sports managers train?

sports manager dont have to train after they become managers, but they were already players once they retired and got hired by a sports team

What does a sports sponsor pay for?

Sports sponsors really just pay for player salaries and in some sports player tranfers. Also for the teams equipment team travel paying scouts etc.

Who was the best sports player ever?

The best sports player ever is believed to be Brian Scalabrine, in all sports, male and female. he was only fifteen when he started the national team. All the coaches were amazed at him. he was never worried that he wasn't good enough for the team. And of course, he wasn't.