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shooting sleeves keep your arm warm... they also keep your elbows straight when you shoot...NBA players also wear them to cover up inappropriate tattoos and cuts.. and just for style too... Really good NBA players wear them.. like Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade

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โˆ™ 2010-02-20 20:49:26
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Q: How do shooting sleeves improve your shooting?
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Do shooting sleeves improve your shooting?

yes , because shooting sleeves keep your mucles warm and helps you with your form

What are the white turf sleeves worn by football players called?

there just basketball shooting sleeves

What do basketball players wear on their elbows?

Shooting sleeves.

How do you fix basket basketball shooting sleeves?


How would you make a nba shooting sleeve smaller?

Just buy a new one! Custom Sports Sleeves sells custom made shooting arm sleeves. Best quality and made in the USA!

Why do NBA basketball players wear shooting sleeves and what does it do for them?

to support an injury to the elbow or bicep or to keep sweat off their shooting hand

What are basketball arm sleeves for?

Check this out:

How do you improve your shooting with a gun?


Which clothing item may improve your marksmanship?

A shooting jacket or shooting gloves (depending on what you are shooting)

How do you make a basketball shooting sleeve your size?

Custom made arm sleeves are available at Custom Sports Sleeves. Made for any sport! www,

What famous basketball players wear?

Sweatbands, wristbands, shooting sleeves, and some have specially designed sneakers

Why do basketball players wear sleeves?

Basketball players wear sleeves on the arm they shoot with so it stays warm. In addition it is an extension of the wrist sweat bands from the old days, keeping the sweat from running down their arm and onto their shooting hand. Keeping their shooting hand dry is important for feel on the ball when passing, dribbling and shooting.

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