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Well, Rhythmic gymnasts are not just naturally flexible they stretch and stretch and stretch. Some rhythmic gymnasts are more flexible in their legs and to be able to to those amazing split leaps they stretch a lot! And others are way more flexible on their backs. There are also people who are just good at both leg and back flexibility. But remember rhythmic gymnasts have VERY strong core muscles which helps them balance, turn, hold their flexibility skills and jump.

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Q: How do rhythmic gymnasts become so flexible?
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Why are rhythmic gymnasts so skinny?

Many international rhythmic gymnasts are on very, verystrict diets. Another reason is like artistic gymnasts they train very hard from a young age which affects puberty and developement of the body. Artistic gymnasts build more solid muscle that gives them a little bit of bulk, while rhythmic gymnasts focus mostly on stretching and dance, so they don't have as much of the muscle mass that an artistic gymnast who trains for high impact skills would have or need. The ideal body for rhythmic gymnastics is slender and a little more long than for artistic gymnastics.The reason why people think rhythmic gymnasts are all skinny is because that is all we see. Tiny twig athletes usually make the best rhythmic gymnasts, but not all are.

Are gymnasts supposed to be flexible?

No, because they will teach you to be flexible. Ummmm well that's true but like GYMNASTS are flexible and are supposed to be. But im guessing that you aren't a gymnast seeing as thought you asked this question. So yes you would have to be flexible if you are a gymnast. _____________________________________________________________ I am a gymnast myself, and even after many years of training i have not yet mastered my split. No, you do not have to be flexible, but you can't be a stiff board either. Usually you will get more flexible after years of training, but i believe that if you're not the flexible kind of person, don't start gymnastics because you could seriously hurt yourself. So no, gymnasts don't need to be flexible, but if you want to be a good gymnast and achieve really anything in the sport then yes you do need to be pretty flexible, though flexibility is not difficult to acheive, just do some light stretches once or twice a week and you'll see a marked improvement. Gymnasts don't have to be super flexible, but do need to have some sort of flexibility. If is a gymnast is not flexible enough, certain skills cannot be done because to do some skills you must be flexible in certain positions.

Why is flexability important in gymnastics?

Flexibility is important in gymnastics because gymnasts have to do hard stretches and moves that would be very hard if you were not flexibile. Gymnasts should especially have flexible legs and back. Gymnasts do things like back handsprings, back walkovers, splits, and more, so flexibility is important if you want to do those moves perfectly.

Why do gymnasts become anorexic?

Because of the amount of pressure they are under to be the very best and sometimes when they get to competitions they see the best gymnasts who are maybe smaller in size so they want to look like that gymnast

Why does a gymnast need flexibilty?

Gymnasts need flexibility for certain skills in particular like the splits, but it is also for safety. The more flexible you are the harder it is to pull a muscle so when the gymnasts are flipping it is easier and safer if they are flexible. Gymnastics is a difficult sport and if you want to do it competitively you will need to work hard on your flexibility and maybe even work hard to improve this at your home outside of the gym!

How do you become flexible?

I want to become more flexible and i do stretches a couple of times a day for 20-30 minutes. I have been doing it for a week now and I am already seeing a difference. Swimming will exercise you and so will yoga but out of these two to become flexible yoga.

Why isn't rhythmic gymnastics well known?

i only learned rythmic gymnastics from my cousin im so flexible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love her for doing it so i could do it! it rocks! i love it and dancing but its still rocks!

How do Chinese gymnasts stay so skinny?

Chinese gymnasts stay very thin because they are always exercising. Chinese gymnasts also eat very well balanced and healthy diets.

Why do gymnasts stretch?

so they do not pull a mucle and hurt themselves

Is there a height limit for the girls Olympic gymnastics?

No, but gymnastics is easier if you're shorter so short gymnasts tend to do better, so they're more common then tall gymnasts.

Why do gymnasts wear ballet shoes?

so that there feet wont hurt .

Why must gymnasts start train at a young age?

its like when you get a new dog you train it young so when its older its expierenced and can perfect things. starting at a young age allows gymnasts to practice alot more and to become alot more advanced at a younger age. hope this helped!

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