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By boat.

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Q: How do people in the Olympics bring their horses to London for the horse race?
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Why the UK was choosing for the Olympics?

Cities such as London (not countries) somehow bid for the wealth of opportunities that hosting an Olympics will (hopefully) bring.

How did the Olympics bring the world together?

bring people together . c:

Who were the first people to reintroduce horses to America?

the first people to bring horses to America were the spanish people or spaniards.

When did the Spain bring horses to the Great Plains people?

in the 1700s

Why is Olympics important?

the olympics is importanat because it a place where you can bring people together from all a round the world

Why did pierre de coubertin want to bring back the olympics?

because he loved sport and he felt the Olympics was the best way to bring people together to enjoy sport

Why is the Tower of London used today?

It is used as a tourist attraction and bring smany people to to London to see it.

What were Ulysses Grants hobbies?

Grant loved to ride and work with horses. People would bring him difficult horses to train.

How do you bring the Olympics to your city?

You probably can't just bring the Olympics to your city. There is probably a group who choses where the Olympics are staged next.

When was Bring On the Dancing Horses created?

Bring On the Dancing Horses was created on 1985-11-14.

Why is Olympics not a waste of money?

The Olympics bring tourism and there awseome

How do horses bring out the best in people?

horses seem to bring out the best in people because they are normally very gentle creatures. They teach people how to be calm and trusting and they love people and spending more time around hurt and abused horses makes people that are screwing around in life realize that their life isn't that bad and that some creatures have life a lot worse.

How does the Olympics bring people together?

hi my name is dodo giro fig Tuck t

Where did the Spaniards bring horses to?

The Americas

How does the Olympics bring countries together?

it does because all the country's to meet and that is a good way of bring the world together and that is at the Olympics

What are the good things the Olympics will bring?

The good things the contestants bring home are trophy's and medals. When the Olympics comes to an area, it also increases tourism, sales and revenue. When the Olympics are televised, the ratings of the stations increase, and advertisements command high prices and reach many people.

When did the conquistadors bring the horses?

The conquistadors brought horses to Latin America in 1521.

What do horses do for there kids?

Well, horses bring joy and love to their kid's hearts.

What sport did Britain bring to the Olympics?


London farmers would bring their goods from the countryside in .?


Why did they bring the London bridge to the us?

To bring history to the world

Did the spanish bring horses to the Inca?


Why did Ulysses S. Grant like horses?

Grant had a special knack at training horses from his youth. People used to bring unruly horses to him to train. He liked to ride and was a good rider. In those days. horses were like cars of today. People noticed your horses and were impressed by them. A good rider can tell the difference in horses and enjoys a good one.

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