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they hopp in and zip up

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Q: How do people get in a diving suits?
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When were diving suits invented?


What are diving suits made out of?

Your Dads sperm

Who invented scuba diving suits?

Luke Davis

Where can one find more information about diving suits?

One could visit the PADI website to learn more about diving suits. The site is full of useful information on scuba diving. In fact, there is an entire page devoted to dry suit diving tips.

How do humans breathe in diving suits?

They have protective gear that were made to do in the water

Was zinc used to make old diving suits?

No however manganese was

Why deep sea divers wear diving suits?

Deep sea divers wear diving suits in order to prevent their body by the harmful effects of maximum pressure at greater depth in seas and ocean.

How much did the early scuba diving suits weight?

45 lbs or pounds

Why must diving suits be rigid instead of flexible?

The rigid diving suit is pressurized to offset depth pressure and it needs rigidity to prevent it from expanding, allowing the person to swim easily.

what commercial diving supplies are needed to go diving?

Well, firstly you must seek out an appropriate, genuine diving location. Thus, this allocated location will essentially be a testiment to what diving supplies are needed. Nevertheless, the usually diving apparrel consists of the following: diving masks, snorkels, diving suits, fins, compass, air tank etc. Again the aforementioned apparel is subject to change depending on your diving location and intensity of the dive. Diving supplies can be found at sites like or

What are some popular brands of wet suits?

Henderson and Hurley both are highly rated for wet suits by professional divers, ironmen and diving afficionados. Both are known for their comfort and stretchability and durability.

What are the names of the people diving in the London 2012 diving Olympics?

tom dailly -)

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