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thay pee on there hand towels my cousin is reggie bush

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Q: How do nfl players pee during a game?
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Do nfl players wear urinal pads?

What kind of question is that! It's not like they pee there pants!

What do hockey goalies do when they have to pee?

Unless they have a potty in their suit they go during their shift of players.

Where is training or schooling for NFL football players?

Players who wind up in the NFL have usually played football since they were young children. They play in pee wee leagues, junior leagues, junior high school, high school, and college. Many current players and former players run football camps, usually during the summer, where young men can go to learn more about playing football.

What are the duties of a water-boy in the nfl?

try not to pee in it or drool

Do football players pee in their uniform?

It's not common, and players who have written about what life is like during a game say they make sure to go to the bathroom before the game starts, or during half-time. There have been reports on gossip sites of a player peeing in his uniform now and then; but gossip sites are generally not trustworthy. Given the fact that TV cameras are constantly focused on the players, it is doubtful they would want anyone to see them pee in their uniform (perhaps a player with a bladder problem might want to wear an adult diaper). In reality, players on the sidelines can and do go back into the locker-room to relieve themselves, and that is a much more common way of dealing with it.

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11 to 12

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