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Minerals will help you stay healthy, and in "performance" shape

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Activities that require excessive sweating cause loss of minerals and some vitamins.

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Q: How do minerals help in sports?
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How does vitamins related to a sports performer?

Vitamins help sports performers. They are good for them before they play. For example, a lot of sports performers drink gatorade, powerade, etc. They all have vitamins and minerals that are good to have before they perform. Vitamins are good or anyone.

What does Mycorrhiza help vascular plants to get?


What can minerals help prevent?

1 health condition that minerals can help prevent is tooth decay.BAM

What minerals help feed Brazil?

food and water minerals

What is the difference between sports drinks and water?

Water has its own sugars and completely healthy for you, as sports drinks contain lots of sugar and glucose, giving you more energy than water.

What minerals do blueberries have?

plz help me!

What do mycorrhiza help plants get?


How do minerals help us understand earth historical developments?

minerals help feed plants and organisms and they power our human body

Are minerals food?

Minerals are nutrients, which are part of food. These are what help nourish the body, but the body cannot survive on minerals alone.

How do the roots of plants help prevent the leaching of important minerals?

Because they get back the minerals.

How many of the commercial toothpaste's had minerals in them?

All of them. The minerals help protect the enamel on your teeth.

What are minerals used for in the body?

Minerals are essential for various body functions, such as bone and teeth formation, nerve function, fluid balance, muscle contraction, and energy production. They are also important for maintaining proper pH levels, transmitting nerve impulses, and serving as co-factors for enzyme reactions in the body.