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With a lawnmower.

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Q: How do major league ballparks make designs in grass?
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How many major league ball parks are there?

there are 31 major league ballparks.

How many major league baseball ballparks are there in the world?

Thirty two

How many hot dogs are sold at a major league baseball ballparks in one season?


What decade saw major league baseball build a record 11 ballparks?


What major league baseball player has played in the most ballparks?

Jamie Moyer in 50 different parks!

How many hot dogs are sold at major league baseball ballparks in one season?

the right number of hot dogs eaten at major league baseball games in one season is about 24,300,000.

What kind of grass is used in a major league baseball field?

green grass

Are there ties in Major League Baseball?

Yes, there are ties in Major League Baseball. The majority of these ties happened before lights were installed in the ballparks. Games would end up in a tie because they would be called due to darkness.

Are there any Major League Baseball fields that have synthetic grass?

Yes, there are currently two major league fields that still use artificial grass: Tropicana Field and Roger's Centre.

What does the blue ribbon on the San Diego Padres uniform mean?

Major League ballparks go blue on Father's Day to increase prostate cancer awareness

What is the two colors of foul poles in Major League Baseball?

Both of the foul poles are usually a bright yellow, however, a few ballparks have orange foul poles

What are the smallest ballparks?

Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays, in St. Petersburg, Florida is the smallest Major League Baseball Park in the US. Seating capacity is 31,042. Dodger Stadium, in Los Angeles, California, is the largest Major League Baseball Park, with a seating capacity of 56,000.

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