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By participating in school sports and joining sports academies, kids can develop social skills in sports. They learn the value of teamwork, communication with teammates, and accepting responsibility when playing a team sport.

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Do kids who participate in sports have better teamwork?

Yes. When kids are on a team they learn teamwork and social skills. Hope this helps!:-)

Why do kids always want fun?

It's a way for them to develop their social skills as well as their imagination and creativity.

What social skills do kids develop in sports?

For me, when I was a kid, sports was about comeraderie. I hung out with alot of different kinds of kids then but I always had a common thread with the guys on the team. I learned humility from the winning and self discipline and perseverance from the losses. High school football was also an outlet for stress and hard times while in a very difficult time in my young age.

Are homeschool kids lacking in social skills?

It all depends on the child. Just because a child is homeschooled does not mean he or she does not participate in sports or other things where they can interact with other kids.

Why should school keep sports?

It helps kids develop their muscles.

Why don't people choose to homeschool their kids?

umm...well u get a better education in public skools and private school...they may also develop poor social skills...

Reasons why kids don't have friends?

Poorly developed social skills.

Why should kids in middle school have boyfriends?

it teaches teaches social skills

Why happens to kids that don't spend quality time with their family?

Such kids most often develop psychological and social interaction problems.

Do autistic kids like toys?

Autistic kids don't have as much interest in overall play as normal kids do, but you can help them develop play skills by providing therapy for them.

The importance of sport for kids?

It has been proven that sports will improve a child's self-esteem, it teaches the team concept which helps them as they develop friends and job skills over their lives, and is great way for them to stay active and healthy.

What has the author Susan Diamond written?

Susan Diamond has written: 'Social rules for kids' -- subject(s): Interpersonal relations in children, Social skills in adolescence, Interpersonal relations in adolescence, Social skills, Socialization, Interpersonal relations, Handbooks, manuals, Social skills in children, Juvenile literature

What are the social and economic benefits of professional sport teams?

Sports help kids be fit and stay fit.Sports also help children play sports and not be out on the street.Those are the benefits of afterschool sports.

Are legos good for kids?

Yes. They help coordination, building techniques, imagination, social skills, and more.

Why should kids not play sports?

Kids should play sports as it helps self esteem, making friends and team leadership skills. You shouldn't be coming up with ideas to stop kids from joining sports because that is why people are becoming fat and obease. They get bored because they have nothing to do like a sport or activity then they go and eat just because there is nothing else to do. Kids should play sports!

What do studies demonstrate in regard to the level of social skills homeschooled students develop?

As data from studies can be manipulated to support a result, there have been a variety of conflicting studies. However, most studies show that social skills of home schooled students are almost the same as non-home schooled students in adolescents who have good exposure to other kids through extracurricular activities.

Should there be art clubs in schools?

absolutley! It keeps kids off the streets and helps them develop skills and grow to their full potential.

Breakdown of sports played by kids?

most sports are played by kids !! :P :)

When was Sports Illustrated Kids created?

Sports Illustrated Kids was created in 1989.

What adult sports magazine publishes an edition for kids?

Sports Illustarted publishes a Sports Illustrated for Kids I believe :]

Why kids should have cellphones?

because it's a way of communicating with parents and friends, i also teaches responsibility and builds trust, plus helps kids with their social skills.

Which condition of a young child is characterized by the inablility to develop normal social relationships?

That can often be disorders like Aspbergers or Autism, but it can also indicate not enough social interaction as young kids

How many kids play sports in America?

About 30 million kids does sports in America.

What are indoor activities for kids that develop gross motor skills?

There are several games for the Nintendo Wii game system that will help develop motor skills. One thing my father did that immensely helped me to develop motor skills, was sign me up for indoor shooting ranges when I was young. Nothing develops motor skills like hitting a quarter sized bullseye on a target from 30 yards with a .22 caliber rimfire bolt action rifle.

Are high school sports good for kids?

High school sports can provide many opportunities for a child such as acquiring physically fit body, developing character and skills and of course, having fun.