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by becoming a pro soccer player

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Q: How do i meet Pele'?
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In what church did John Lennon meet Pele?

Rock legend John Lennon did not meet soccer legend Pele before his death. However, Lennon did meet his fellow Beatles member Paul McCartney at St. Peter's Woolton Parish Church in Liverpool. They Met 10 yrs later in NY, when Pele Played with Cosmos according to Pele's autobiography Pele: The Autobiography By Pelé

When did Pele meet his wife?

pele got married to rosemary cholbi in 1966 and divorced in1978, he got married to assria also

Can you meet Pele the soccer great in person?

You might be able to arrange it if you know where he is going to be.

Why was Pele called Pele?

Because he is pele

How do you email Pele?

he wont tell anyone or maybe if u meet him he will.he is still alive though!!

Is Pele gay?

Absolutely not!Pele is not gay

Does Pele have a dad?

Yes Pele does have a dad

Who is better Pele or villa?


Is Pele single?

No, Pele is not single.

What is Pele's second name?

Pele has no second name. it's just Pele

FIFA 09 classic XI in manager mode?

pele pele pele

Who is better messi vs Pele?


Was Pele French?

Pele was, and still is, Brazilian.

Who is more famous Pele or Adele?


When did Pele retire?

Pele retired in 1977

Where is Pele?

Pele live in brazil with his family

Does Pele have brothers and sisters?

Pele had no sybolings

Does Pele have siblings?

Pele does have siblings

Does Pele have a brother?

Yes, Pele does have a brother .

Did Pele have siblings?

Yes Pele does have siblings.

Does Pele have brothers?

Yes Pele does have a brother.

What is Pele's family background?

pele was from congo

Was Pele a striker?

Yes Pele was a striker.

What is Pele's occupation?

Pele is a/an Footballer humanitarian

What actors and actresses appeared in Pele - 2009?

The cast of Pele - 2009 includes: Pele as himself