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Football players run more then Baseball players.When football players score they get 6/7points.Baseball players get only 1/2/3/4points.

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Q: How do i compare and contrast football players and baseball players?
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Compare and contrast football and badminton?

Football in America is a contact sport that has 11 players on each team. Badminton is a racket sport that has one, sometimes 2 players on each team. In football the ball can be kicked or tossed. In badminton a ball is hit with a racket.

Do baseball players get more money or football players?

Baseball players because in football there Is a limit to how much money you can be paid unlike in baseball there is no limit

How do you do a writing about Compare and contrast baseball and soccer?

think of things they have in common with bojects, players, and rules think of differences they have in officiating, field, and rules

Who gets paid more baseball players or football players?


Do football players or baseball players make more money?

I would guess football.

Who makes more baseball or football players?

football players make more money

What is the salary for arena 1 football players?

The average salary for Arena 1 football players is $31,000. This is in contrast to the average salary of an NFL player which is $1.9 million per year.

Who gets paid more baseball players hocky players or football players?

Usually baseball players depending on skills and how long the cantract is

Who makes more money baseball or football players?

Baseball makes money than football

How are baseball uniforms different than football uniforms?

Baseball uniforms are used for the sport of baseball and football uniforms are used for the sport of football. Football uniforms offer more protection from injuries since it is more of a contact sport. Baseball players wear hats for the most part rather than helmets like football players wear.

Do football players get hurt more than baseball players?

yes there is a hire possibility.

What sports require 12 players?

football and baseball

What sport has 13 players on the field?

baseball or football

Why do lacrosse players hate baseball players so much?

Its not that they hate baseball or football players. Its that lacrosse players feel they and their sport get no respect. Or that all lacrosse players are rich little white boys.

What does wag means dealing with baseball wives?

A WAG when dealing with baseball players and football players wives stands for "Wives and Girlfriends"

What famous baseball player wears number 45?

there could be baseball players that are number 45 and soccer players that are number 45 and football players that are number 45.

Why do football players wear baseball hats?

Because they secretly like baseball more than football and to block the sun from their eyes.

Who has played at the Yankee stadium?

Many, many baseball players, football players, soccer players and various other sports.

Who gets paid more a baseball football or a basketball player?

Usually baseball players.

When did football players start wearing baseball caps?


What is the collective noun for football players?

The collective nouns are a squad of football players or a team of football players.

Why do baseball players get paid more than football players?

They play longer season and more games + they're smarter.

Who is faster a baseball player or football player?

football players especially the running back like Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans

What is the sport best paid?

Baseball And soccer (football) are the highest paid players in the world

Have the yankies beaten the '49ers?

No. Baseball players generally do not play games with football teams.