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Figure Skaters come up with routines with there imaginations, chirography and depending on there music it will be dramatized or elgant

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Q: How do figure skaters come up with routines?
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Can figure skaters wear Makeup?

Yes Figure Skaters Can Wear Make-up :-)---it's practically required!

Do figure skaters have to wear their hair up in a show?

Yes.Figure skaters cant wear their hair down for a show because it will get in their face:-)

What is the average salary of a professional figure skater?

There is no real average for professional figure skaters, since there are different types of figure skaters in general. Some professional skaters may earn $18,000-$30,000 annually. Other types may earn up to $40,000-$55,000 for fall and winter work exclusively.

Why do figure skaters not have to wear helmets?

Every time there is a serious fall or injury in figure skating that is widely seen or reported, the topic of whether skaters in competition should wear helmets comes up. It seems very unlikely that the International Skating Union will ever require helmets, for almost exclusively aesthetic reasons.

How do you spell did you figure it out in spanish?

¿Lo has resuelto? (as in "did you come up with a solution?) -or- ¿Lo has adivinado? (as in "did you come up with an answer?")

What are the spikes of the ice skates used for?

At the front of a figure skating blades are some points. Each point is called a "toepick." The toepicks make up the "toerake" of the blade. The toepicks are used by figure skaters to initiate and land jumps

Who was the first to come up with a Santa type figure?


What is true of both warm up and cooldown routines?

They help reduce the risk of injury during routines

Where is it possible to view videos of comedian's stand up routines?

It is possible to view videos of comedian's stand up routines on YouTube. One can find routines from hundreds of comedian's on there by simply searching for the comedian of their choice.

What is pairs ice skating?

its where two skaters skate together, most of the time its a male and a female, and the male lifts the girl up and they do lifts and routines together. if you live in the UK watch dancing on ice but if you live in the US watch skating with the stars and that's pairs skating :)

Famous Russian figure skaters?

Evgeni Plushenko, Ilia Kulik, Alexei Urmanov and Alexei Yagudin Note: Viktor Petrenko is Ukrainian and competed for the Soviet Union before it's break-up.

What does a choreographer do?

The one for dancing sets up routines for dance moves. You can choreograph any type of exercise. The Dallas cheerleaders have a choreographer for their routines.

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