How do Olympic archers train?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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they ate frosted toast crunch and cinnamon swirl bread toast every 5 minutes

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Shot an arrow at a target.

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bruh shut tf up bruh

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Q: How do Olympic archers train?
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How do you putt archers in the towers in evony?

Archers are automatically placed in the archer towers. You do not have to train them.

What kind of bows do Olympic archers use?

Recurve bows.

What did archers at the ancient Olympic Games use as targets?

plates and armor

How far away from the target do olympic archers stand?

they stand 70 meters, I believe.

Past gold medal olympic archers?

Justin Huish -

How do Olympic athletes train for the Olympics?

they have prsonal trainers to train them

How do you beat the swordwrath in stick war?

Train few Archers to beat the swordwraths in the game Stick War

What happens if there is a tie between two archers in Olympic competition?

It's like the Hunger Games. If there is a tie they fight to the death.

How do Olympic athletes train?

very hard

How does a person get to be an Olympic athlete?

To train and get fit.

How do you get to the Olympic village in London?

by a underground train

How do olympic atheletes train?

Olympic atheletes train by running and jogging which also makes your muscles stonger and makes you run a bit faster than you had before.