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The short answer is glue, but use a type that is non-corrosive to neoprene. Either that or use fishing line and sew it.

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Q: How do I repair a wetsuit?
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Who invented the wetsuit?

Marcus A. Wetsuit

Where can one buy wetsuit boots online?

Wetsuit Warehouse has some wetsuit boots and other accessories on their website. If you purchase some wetsuit boots, there are a lot of wetsuits for men and women for sale.

What is the difference between a diving wetsuit and a surfing wetsuit?


Does peeing in your wetsuit make it rip?

No, it does not. When I was certified, I learned you can pee in your wetsuit, but it sounds kinda gross. This means that you can pee in your wetsuit without it causing any damage. I own a 3mm wetsuit and peeing in it hasn't caused any damage.

What is the best brand of wetsuit?

In my opinion, BlueSeventy is the best brand of wetsuit.

Has anyone used a triathlon wetsuit for surfing In other words is the tri wetsuit felxible enough to use as a surfing wetsuit?

A triathlon wetsuit should not be used for surfing due to the fragile coating on the outside of the suit. The abrasive surface of the surfboard will damage the wetsuit ruining the coating and possibly tearing the suit.

What is French for wetsuit?

french for wetsuit: un combinaison xxx

How much does a wetsuit cost?

i would say from 50.00 to 350.00 All depends on brand and how warm of a wetsuit you need. Generally the warmer (& thus the thicker) the wetsuit is, the more expensive it is.

Did Benjamin Franklin invent the wetsuit?


Where is a good place to go wetsuit surfing?

There are many places to go wetsuit surfing. The best would be in California, specifically in Newport Beach or in San Diego. One can also go wetsuit surfing in Hawaii.

Why do you need a wetsuit for surfing?

You don't always need a wetsuit, it is just in winter or cold countries you would wear one. It is too cold even unbearable without one so that's why you would need a wetsuit!

What is the best stock wetsuit for a 5' 8'' 107lb boy?

If you are looking for a good one then go with a Xcel chest zip wetsuit. Go to a local surf store because you always want to try on a wetsuit before you buy it.

How do you clean a wetsuit?


What do you need for surfing?


How does a wetsuit work?

A wetsuit allows a thin layer of water to be between your body and the neoprene suit. Your body heat warms this water and helps keep your body warm. A properly fitting wetsuit will be skin tight to prevent water from leaking out of the suit.

Where can one buy wetsuit gloves?

A wetsuit is something used to for anyone engaging in water sports to keep them warm, protected and afloat. Places to find some wetsuit gloves is in sporting good stores or on the Amazon website. Prices are about $15-$60.

What actors and actresses appeared in Wetsuit - 2012?

The cast of Wetsuit - 2012 includes: Andrew Ryan Harvey as Man Kelly Studnicki as Woman

How does a wetsuit keep scuba divers warm?

The wetsuit is made out of closed-cell foam neoprene rubber. That makes it difficult for water to flow in and out of a properly fitted wetsuit except for through the zipper, neck opening and cuffs. Once the cold water enters the wetsuit, your body heats it up. The foam serves to insulate that warm water and that warm water stays warm.

How do divers keep warm?

A wetsuit.

What does a wetsuit do?

it retains your body heat

What is the purpose of a wetsuit and flippers?


Should you wear a cup in a wetsuit?

I wear a cup under my wetsuit when I wakeboard. I am learning flips and raleys right now so to protect myself I wear a cup.

What kinds of products does Wetsuit Warehouse sell?

Wetsuit Warehouse has many products for men, women and children. Some of their products would be for surf, scuba, triathlon and wake & sea suits. Wetsuit Warehouse also has a number of custom fit wetsuits to choose from.

How cold can a3.6 mm wetsuit handle?

I've been in water with a 3/2mm wetsuit down to 53-54 degrees, of course I had boots and gloves, and it was chilly, but manageable. I hope this answers your question because i've never heard of a 3.6 mm wetsuit before.

Without damaging your wetsuit can you use a thick windsurfing board with no waxing required top for beginner surfing?

why would any board damage your wetsuit...huh?