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It is the last goal that puts the team ahead.

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Q: How do I determine the game winning goal in hockey?
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Who scored the winning goal in the 2010 hockey game Canada vs US?

Sidney Crosby

Fastest goal in a Hockey game?

The fastest goal in a hockey game is 25 seconds .

Who scored the winning goal in the championship game of men's hockey in the winter Olympics 2010?

Cindy Crosby (Canada)

Who scored the game winning goal in hockey in 1980 winter?

Mike Eruzione, who played forward, was named the captain of the 1980 Olympic hockey team, scoring the winning goal against the Soviets and helping the Americans win the gold medal against Finland.

Against what team and what year was it that Mike Kaszycki scored the game winning goal in a National Hockey League playoff game.?

toronto maple leafs

Did Patrick Kane score the wining goal for the staniey cup in 2010?

yes he did the score the winning goal of the game and he is the yonugest hockey player in the NHL to scoer the Stanley Cup goal .

Who scored the winning goal in the olympic for ice hockey?

Sidney Crosby

What is an uncontested late game hockey goal called?

A goal

When did Sidney Crosby score the winning olympic goal 2010?

He scored the goal in the winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada. The game was between team Canada and team America in the mens good hockey final, Crosby scored the winning goal for team Canada

What does GWG mean in hockey?

GWG is the statistic abbreviation for "Game Winning Goals." This tally is awarded to the player that scored the deciding goal, even if it was not the last goal scored. Only one is awarded per game.

How did Alabama beat Texas Tech in the 2005 Cotton Bowl?

A Game-Winning Field Goal! A Game-Winning Field Goal!

Is Patrick Kane a good hockey player?

Yes, Patrick Kane is a great player. He scored the winning goal for the 2010 Stanely Cup game.

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