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Q: Against what team and what year was it that Mike Kaszycki scored the game winning goal in a National Hockey League playoff game.?
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What team played against the Patriots in the 2001 playoff?

The Patriots played the Oakland Raiders (winning 16-13 in overtime), the Pittsburgh Steelers (winning 24-17) and the St. Louis Rams (winning Superbowl XXXVI 20-17).

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How did Ben Roethlisberger get to the Superbowl?

By winning a few games, getting to the playoffs, winning all the playoff games, & then by winning the AFC conference championship game.

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Nba playoff winning percentage after leading 2-0?

Most teams

What is the earliest an NFL team has clinched a playoff spot?

Winning 8 straight games will do it.

What NBA player has played the most playoff games before winning a title?

dirk nowitzski

What is the longest consecutive playoff winning streak by what team and what year in MLB?

Yankees 54-62

Who has been to more winning playoff games Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

micheal jordan