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Q: How do I Locate Ohio Baseball Appraisers?
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How do you locate all previous owners of a home?

The Property Appraisers Office

Where's Ohio State University locate in a big city or countryside?

It is in Columbus Ohio and I guess a big city.

What are the requirements in ohio to become a home appraiser?

In order to become a Real Estate Appraiser in the state of Ohio, it is not necessary to hold a state license. However, appraisers in the state are usually licensed, registered, or certified. Check with National Appraisal Standards Board.

What state is Wilmington locate in?

Delaware, North Carolina and Ohio could be cinsidered.

Do you employ Independent Insurance appraisers?

Yes, There are some insurance companies and some individuals that utilize the services of independent appraisers.

Where can one search for real estate appraisers in California?

One can search for real estate appraisers in California by checking in with the Real Statelike Now. They offer a lot of information on current real estate appraisers in any area.

What are the people who appraise things called?


Who can appraise your American art in Connecticut and New York?

Search the specialist art appraisers who can examine your artwork and give the best price in return. Check the credentials and expertise before dealing with appraisers for your American art. You can trust Antique Appraisers Auctioneers based in Connecticut, USA.

How do you identify an antique pistol?

Books and professional appraisers.

What are the best places to look for a job in Ohio?

The best places to look for a job in Ohio is to visit a government employment agency in the Ohio area. The government employment agency will be able to locate an individual a job suited to their skill set.

How much does an antiques appraiser earn?

Antiques appraisers can earn anywhere from $40.00 to $175.00 an hour, based on their location and their experience and education. Appraisers who are "certified" by professional institutions such as the ISA (International Society of Appraisers) or the A.I.A. (Asheford Institute of Antiques - a program for those interested in becoming antiques dealers and appraisers) are likely to earn far more because of their education. Insurance companies who are often looking to have appraisals conducted for estate liquidations will often use appraisers from institutions such as those listed above since they know that the individual in questions has passed a series of tests and examinations certifying them as "qualified appraisers." This in turn raises the rate that an antiques appraiser can charge for his or her services. If your interested in this line of work, I'd contact either of these organizations for more information.Asheford Institute of Antiques: www.asheford.comInternational Society of Appraisers:

Who is the official appraisers of mass housing projects in the Philippine?