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GF is Goals for - how many a team have scored.

GA is Goals against - how many goals a team has let in.

GD is Goal difference - GF minus GA.

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Q: How do GF GA and GD relate to a team's scores?
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What is the GD job in netball?

GD stands for Goal Defence, So that means that you are defending the ball from going in the net. GD always marks GA who is a shooter, this means that Goal Defence will have to try her best to intercept the pass to GA. It is very important that GD intercepts this pass as if she doesn't then GA has the chance to shoot. Although you have to intercept the pass and throw to WD (wing defence) they can then carry on the pass up to your teams shooting third.

What does the gd in netball do?

The Goal Defence (GD) in netball is on the Goal Attack (GA). The GD position is to defend the ball and try to get as many turnovers as possible and defend the GA when she has a shot a goal.

What do these mean in a world cup bracket GP GS GA GD I need to know soon the cup already started any help?

GP - games played (how many games played) GS - goals scored GA - goals against (goals received basically) GD - goal difference (GS-GA=GD)

Who are New Zealand's famous netball players?

Current Silver Ferns Team Liana Barrett-Chase-WD/C/WA Leana Du Bruin-GK/GD Paula Griffin-GS/GA/GD Laura Langman-WD/C Julie Seymour-C/WD/WA Maria Tutaia-GA/GS Debbie White-C/WD/WA Daneka Wipiiti-GS/GA Maree Bowden-WA/WD/C Katrina Grant-GD/GK Joline Henry-GD/GK/WD Sheryl Scanlan-WD/GD Jade Topia-GA/GS Irene Van Dyk-GS/GA Casey Williams-GK/GD

What does the GA in netball do?

The GA can go in the middle third and their teams shooting third. They are allowed in the shooting circle to shoot and can run out for the centre pass. They play against the oppositions GD (goal deffense) and it is one of the most important positions in netball.

Who is allowed inside the 'D' on a Netball court?

When you mean 'D', I am assuming that you mean the semi-circle in your teams goal. If you are the only positions in netball allowed in the semi-circle are Goal Shooter (GA), Goal Attack (GA), Goal Keeper (GK), and Goal Defence (GD). Keep in mind that the GS and GA are only allowed in their goal semi-circle and the GK and GD are only allowed in the opposition goal semi-circle. Hope this helped :) Vicky

In netball which players may receive the center pass?

Gd, wd, ga, wa

How many passes can you do in netball?

You can do as many passes down the court but there is a very important link called the basic link which goes gk to wd, wd to gd, gd to c,c to wa,wa to ga and maybe ga to gs

All team members starting positions on a netball pitch.?

first of all the 'pitch' is called a court both teams have a; goalkeep(gk) at each end, a goal defence(gd) on the side, a wing defence(wd) on the wing in the midcourt, a centre(c) which is in the middle of the court,a wing attack(WA) on the other wing in the midcourt, a goal attack(ga) on the side and a goal shoot(gs) in the oppiste semicircle to their goalkeep. gk GS (capitals are the opposite team) gd GA wd WA C c WA WD ga GD gs GK

Positions for two teams on a netball court?

GS GKGA GD WA WDC CWD WA GD GAGK GSKey :1st teamC 2nd team(;

Name me some popular netball players?

Pamela cookey - GA Amanda newton - GD i think

How many members in a netball team?

There is 7 ,GA GS WA GD GK WD and C

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