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Q: How do Allen Iverson make a three pointer?
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What did Allen Iverson do to make it to the nba?

played basketball

How much money does Allen Iverson make?

He has -$1 million

How much money did Allen Iverson make in the nba?

Over 200 mil

What is one important difference Allen Iverson made?

Allen Iverson showed the NBA how to cross and drive, do a nice lay-up, or make a beautiful pass! that is the way i play too!

How much does Allen Iverson make after endorsements?

definitely a lot more than Rodney stuckey!!

How do you shoot like Allen iverson?

You have to first learn how to jump. Then you learn how to stare at the rim. After that, you have to chuck up a shot. Most of the time you will probably miss, but if you don't practice like Allen Iverson, you will surely make it if not swish it.

Is Allen iverson coming to the raptors?

I hope so. maybe it depends what jay triano and brian think. But if he comes to the raptors he might make the team much better it depends if he passes the ball. But i think the raptors might show improvement with Allen Iverson.

Did Shaquille O'Neal make a three pointer last season?


How much money do Allen Iverson make for 2007-2008?

more than he freaking deserves...all he deserves is 3 hots and a cot in 5x10

How do you make three points in basketball?

you shoot a 3 point shot and make it or a and 1 on a 2 pointer

What word did Allen Iverson make famous?

Practice 76ers Coach Larry Brown criticized Iverson for missing team practices. Iverson responded by saying, "We're sitting here, I'm supposed to be the franchise player, and we're in here talking about practice," and went on a rant that included the word "practice" 14 times

In basketball what happens when you make a three pointer and get fouled?

you get to shoot 1 free throw

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