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The women US gymnastics team did very well. They received the team gold and gabby Douglas received the individual all around gold. Aly Riaseman got a bronze medal in beam.

the men did not do are well but did not qualify for the team medal

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Q: How did the us gymnastic team do at the Olympics?
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Who was part of the womens gymnastic team for the Olympics?

nastia lukin and shaun jounson

What gymnastic team went to the Olympics in 2006?

The winter olympics were in 2006, and gymnastics is a summer olympics competition, so gymnastics was not a part of the 2006 Olympics.

What team medal did the men's US gymnastic team win in 2008?


Who was on the 1980 us men's gymnastic team?

That is a trick question, Because the USA did not go to the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, Russia. We boycotted the Olympics because the Russians invaded Afghanistan in 1979. There might have been people selected to go on the 1980 USA men's gymnastic team, before the decision was made not to go. However the USA did not go to the 1980 Summer Olympics and nobody representing the USA went to the Olympics that year.

Do they still do gymnastic in the Olympics?

because you people do not no

When was the gymnastic played in Olympics?

The tomorrow of yesterday.

Who was on the 1980 womens gymnastic team?

the USA didn't go to the Olympics in 1980. because they were giving the soviet union revenge

Who were the members of the 1984 Olympic US men's gymnastic team?

Bart connors

How many of the us gymnastic team actually get to compete?

5 for each team plus 3 alternates for each team

1980 olympic USA gymnastics team?

the USA did not send an Olympic team to the Moscow Olympics in 1980 so did not have anyone representing the USA in the gymnastic disciplines.

Is rhythmic gymnastic or artistic gymnastic have a higher chance of getting a medal in the 2010 youth Olympics for Singapore?

Artistic gymnastic has a higher chance!!

Who was the first gymnastic to get a 10 in the Olympics?

Nadia Commaneci

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