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Q: How did the san deigo padres get there name?
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How did the san deigo padres get their name?

It comes from a Mexican word meaning 'father'. So padres means fathers.

Where is San Deigo Zoo?

San Deigo.

What is the Spanish translation for Does Diego know your parents?

Deigo no saben tus padres?

Where is san deigo bay located in?

San Diego is in California.

Which team is better San Diego or Pittsburgh?

San deigo Chargers

Does Rey Mysterio live in California?

san deigo

How far from San Deigo to Houston?

1302 miles.

Who is the quarterback of the San Deigo Chargers?

Phillip Rivers.

What was team name before San Diego Padres?

The Padres have always been called the Padres since entering the National League in 1969.

What major city is San Diego de Alcala near?

he is near san deigo

What county is San Diego California?

San Diego City is in San, Deigo County, California. Was not that a hard one?

Football teams beginning with s?

san deigo chargers

Who do the Seahawks play?

The play the San Deigo Chargers this week.

What is San Diego Padres?

The San Diego Padres is a baseball team.

Where is MCAS Miramar located at?

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar is located in Miramar, San Deigo, California. It is located about 10 miles from downtown San Deigo. It has been in use on and off since 1917.

Why are the San Diego Padres called the Padres?

It was the name of a minor league baseball team that played in San Diego years earlier. The name also reflected the roles that missionaries played in the development of California before statehood.

When were the San Diego Padres founded?

The San Diego Padres were founded in 1969.

Where is San Deigo located on the map?

On the Pacific Coast of Southern California.

Can You Find Okapis In Zoos?

You can find Okapi in the San Deigo Zoo.

What part of California is in San Deigo?

check its on google guys and girls

Which AFC team in the west has best record?

San deigo chargers

Grace Noelle Born?

Grace Noelle was born in San Deigo.

What baseball team has a foreign name and also a foreign team name?

San Diego Padres

What city did Dr. Suess die in?

La Jolla San Deigo CA

Where did Adam Lambert grow up?

San Deigo, he moved from Indianapolis when he was young.