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The Olympics started in Greece whereby the people then decided to dedicate the Olympian games to the Olympian gods. The first Olympic games was staged in Olympia.

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: How did the olmpics start?
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Where did the olmpics start in 776 BC?

at Olympia in Greece

Who did olmpics?


When were the first Olmpics held?

776 BCE.

Who made the Olmpics?

Baron Pierre de Coubertin

Olmpics first took place?

776 BCE.

What year did Womens speedskating start in the Olympics?

I'm pretty shure it started when women were firsast allowed to articipate in the olmpics... surch it on google to find out.

When were the anciet olmpics on?

Every four years from 776 BCE.

How Indian players are playing in the Olympics?

as indians have the intellegence to play the games in the olmpics and they are well trained in everything hence indians are able to play in the olmpics due to their talent and so they are playing.

How many miles long was ancient olmpics race track?

200 metres.

Who pays to fly Olympic players to the Olympic games?

Themselves who play in the olmpics

When did baseball enter the Olympics games?

it was plade in the ealry 1800s at the Olmpics games.

How do pass a Olympic Torch?

HOW many times previsly has great britan hosted the olmpics

Who won gold medal in 100 meter race olmpics 2012?

Usian Bolt.

Is baseball played in the Olympics?

yes base ball has been played in the summer Olmpics

What game was first to be held in the Olmpics in Greece 776BC?

The Stadion foot race - about 200 metres.

What was Mahe Drysdale's challenge before coming to the Olympics?

What was Mahe Drysdales challenge before coming to the olmpics?

Why are the Winter Olympics held in February?

the winter Olympics is held in february because that's when the winter Olmpics are in that country

Who was holding India's flag on the first day in London Olympics?

Sushil Kumar was holding India's flag on the first day in London Olmpics.

Current price of canadian olympic 100 gold coin?

I have 4 Olympic Gold Proof Coins,from 1976 Olmpics.22kart made at the Canadian Mint

Who were the first olympic judges?

my mum was the first judge of the first olmpics and she was a very cleaver judge who made aus win everything, heheheheeh hahahahaah yes mum!

How do the score for gymnastic in the olmpics?

Basically the score is composed of a difficulty score and an execution score.Execution is out of 10, which is what everybody is used to. Example: 6.3 Difficulty+9.4 Execution= 15.7 score

What country took home the most gold medals?

Well the Olmpics arn't over yet but so far its, China 36, USA and GB 22 I'm pretty sure :D

Combien de pays participe au jeux olympiques 2010?

il y a216 pays qui participeront au jeux olympicque (there are 216 countries that participate in the 2012 olmpics)

What are the most facts about the Olympics?

0ver 100 contrys compleat to win They use bronze sliver and gold China is best in the olmpics in 2008 Great britan is 4th in the medal table Chins is first in the medal table

Who can compete in the olympic games?

anyone who qualifiesanyone who can qualify there are qualifying times, height ecti think that athletes that have been chosen and are physically able to compete in the olympicsLoads of different people from all around the world come to the olmpics to compete