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one day the french throught it would be a good idea to make a bow and arrow and name it Archery

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Q: How did the french and Britain make archery?
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How was archery made?

Archery was actually was made from the French, and Britain. It was mostly used for war in the mediveal age.

In Britain every boy between 10 and 18 will have to learn archery on a Sunday morning on a village green to learn archery?


What is achery in French?

archery is spelled 'tir à l'arc' in French.

How do you say archery in french?

tir à l'arc

What do beginning archers need to do before they begin to practice archery?

The first thing the beginning archer should do is find someone who will teach them proper archery safety, technique and practices. The best place to find that person is at a local archery club, such as those which are certified by the U.S. Olympic Archery Committee (USA Archery) in the U.S.A or the British Grand National Archery Society in Great Britain. For those who are not interested in Olympic style archery, there are many other clubs, organizations and societies which concentrate on the other styles of archery, such as the English Field Archery Association (Great Britain) and the National Field Archery Association (U.S.A.), as well as the Society for Creative Anachronisms, Inc. (an International Society dedicated to Education, Research and Re-Creation of the Mediaeval Period of History). Most organizations and societies do require payment of dues and/or fees, so be prepared.

What is the french revolution with Britain and France?

Britain was not involved in the French Revolution. The common people overthrew the French aristocrats.

What are the physical benefits to be obtained from archery?

Archery is useful because if you ever got trapped in the bush or got lost in the forest you could make a bow and hunt for food and archery is also a professional sport so you could make money from it

How do you spell archery in french?

t-i-r à l'-a-r-c

How did the French lose the French and Indian War?

After the British managed to make them surrender in Montréal they were unable to support their battles elsewhere and ceded Quebec (French Canada) to Britain.

Who is famous for archery?

Britain, and Mongolia are two big ones and my favorites on with the long bow and one with the recurve

Is Britain French?

Britain (la Grande-Bretagne in French) is not part of France. But Brittany (la Bretagne in French) is a French western region.

What did Britain did after French Indian war?

What did Britain did after French Indian war?

What tax did Britain make on colonies after the french and Indian war?

the sugar act, and the stamp act

Why were French and Great Britain rivals?

the french and great Britain were enemies because great Britain's powerful military destroyed the french empire that was formed by napoleon.

How do you make a straw archery backstop?

you dont

Is it true that every male in Britain 10-18 has to practice archery?

Tudor times yes. in recent memory no

In 1551 Great Britain passed a law banning all sports on December 25 except for what sport?


Who make archery?

I don't know but I know who make crossbows. "Atilliator" make crossbows.

What is 'le tir ร  l'arc' when translated from French to English?

Le tir à l'arc in French means "archery" in English.

Did the federalist like the french or Britain better?


What organizations help to regulate archery and its standards?

There are many organizations dedicated to "regulating" archery and the standards of competition. The following is a list of some of the most prominent of those organizations.FITA (Federation Internationale de Tir a l'Arc), an international archery federation which regulates the Olympic Archery competitions, the World Cup Archery competitions, and many other international archery competitions.IBO (International Bowhunting Organization), an organization which promotes and sponsors bowhunting around the world.USAA (USA Archery), the organization which promotes, regulates and sponsors Olympic-style archery in the United States of America (U.S.A.).NFAA (National Field Archery Association), promoting and sponsoring bowhunting, target archery, and other kinds of archery in all it's many forms and styles in the U.S.A.AAS (Archery Association of Singapore), promoting and sponsoring archery in Singapore.Archery GB (formerly Grand National Archery Society), the national Governing Body for Archery in the UK (United Kingdom, also known as Great Britain).There are, of course, many more archery organizations around the world, the majority of which regulate, promote and sponsor archery competitions and activities at Regional and Local levels.

Did chief pontiac fight the French or Britain?

the French

What French leader escaped to Great Britain and organized the Free French forces?

The general Charles de Gaulle organized the Free French forces from Britain.

Who uses make-up and costumes?


How did the French punish the US for Jays treaty with Great Britain?

The French seized American ships that carried cargo to Britain.