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They are the two oldest teams in the NFL.

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Q: How did the bears and packers rivalry start?
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Who has a bigger rivalry Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers or the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears?

The Bears and the Packers have a bigger rivalry than the Vikings and the Packers do.

Who leads the series in the bears-packers NFL rivalry?


What is the score in the bears vs packers rivalry?

AS of the 2nd game of the 2009-10 season the Packers-Bears overall record is 82-90-7.

Is bears packers the biggest rivalry in sports?

It is a known fact that the Bear's/ Packer's rivalry is the fiercest rivalry in the NFL, but I'm not sure about all of sports.

What is the oldest rivalry in the NFL?

The Rivalry between Green Bay Packers and and the Chicago Bears is the oldest NFL rivalry. As of 2011, it is 90 years old; the first meeting between the two teams was in 1921.

What year did Bears and Packers start playing?

The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers started playing each other in 1921. It is the longest rivalry in the NFL. Chicago holds the edge with 93 wins against 89 losses, with 6 tied games.

What is the Packers record against the Bears?

As of 12-26-11, Chicago leads the rivalry 92-86-6.

What is the oldest NFL football rivalry?

There are two teams left from the first season of the NFL, which was 1920; the Decatur Staleys, now the Chicago Bears, and the Chicago Cardinals, now the Arizona Cardinals. The teams played twice in the 1920 season with the Cardinals winning once, 7-6, and the Staleys winning once, 10-0. With the Cardinals now in Arizona, the Bears/Cardinals rivalry doesn't hold much heat. The next oldest rivalry is between the Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers who entered the NFL in 1921. The Packers first played the Cardinals in 1921, tying 3-3, but again with the Cardinals in Arizona now there is no heat. The third oldest rivalry is between the Packers and Bears. They first met in 1923 with the Bears winning 3-0. Coming into the 2008 season, the Bears and Packers have met 173 times in the regular season with the Bears leading the series 89-79-5. The 173 regular season games is the most two teams have played against each other in NFL history. One could say that Bears/Packers is the oldest, and maybe the best, rivalry in the history of the NFL.

Who is going to win between Packers and Bears?

packers are going to destroy the bears

Who won the coin toss Today Bears vs Packers?

Chicago Bears won the coin toss and decided to defer. Green Bay Packers received the ball to start the first half, Bears the second. The Packers beat the Bears 21-14 and moved on the Super Bowl and defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Are packers or bears better?

Da Bears

Who has more fans Packers or Bears?


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