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They trained the boys all year and the men participated in the Olympics naked so females weren't allowed to watch.

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Q: How did the Greeks prepare for the Olympic games?
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How did the ancient Greeks prepare for the olympic games?

Ask another website.i don't know

Was the Olympic games were a contribution of the ancient Greeks?

Yes, they were. The first Olympic Games were held by the Greeks in Olymia in 776BC.

How much winter olympic games were invented by greeks?

The greeks didn't invent any of the Winter Olympic games

Who rebirth the olympic games?

the Greeks

How did the Olympic Games get invented?

By the greeks

Why did the Greeks participate in Olympic games?

they invented the Olympic game :)

What did ancient Greeks do to prepare for the ancient Olympic games?

They trained, ate a special diet and organised transport to get there (no trains, cars or aircraft).

Why were the Olympic games first created?

The Olympic games were created for the Greeks god Zeus.

Ancient greek Olympic stadium?

The ancient Greeks did different games to our Olympic games

How did the Greeks prepare for the games?

food and feast

Who watch the ancient Olympic games?

the Greeks

Who tooks part in the Olympic Games?

the greeks

Did Greeks have to pay to get into the olympic games?


How do you prepare for the olympic games?

Practice well

How do people prepare for the Olympic games?


How does Moscow prepare for the Olympic games?

By Training

Who created the Ancient Olympic games?

The ancient greeks

The ancient Greeks dedicated the Olympic Games to who?


How did Greeks get to the ancient Greek Olympic games?

They walked

Who first invented the ancient Olympic games?

The Greeks

Who enveted the Olympic games?

The Ancient Greeks, in Athens. :)

Who first developed the olympic games?

The Ancient Greeks.

Who came up with the olympic games?

The Greeks are the ones who stared the olympic games to worship their gods and godesses.

How did the Greeks reward the winners of the Olympic games?

The winners of the Olympic games were crowned with chaplets of wild olive.

How did people prepare for the olympic games?

they pooed themselves