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The origins of paintball can be traced to the 1970s with the paintball marker used to mark trees and cattle. The first paintball game was played in New Hampshire in June, 1981 by Bob Gurnsey, Hayes Noel, Charles Gaines, and nine others. From there, the sport began to popularize quickly. The first recreational paintball field opened up in 1982. In 1983, the first tournament was held, with a grand prize of $14,000. The next year, 1984, saw the first indoor paintball field. In the late 80s, paintball fields began to appear in England and Canada. By 1991, fields were opening throughout Europe. In 1992, the National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) was founded and began hosting highly-publicized tournaments offering hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes. By 1996, paintball fields and tournaments were being established and hosted all around the world. Paintball today is played by over 9.8 million people worldwide, according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association International, making it the number 3 Extreme Sport behind in-line skating and Skateboarding.

just a lil side note, the first paintball gun is the Nelspot 007

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Q: How did paintballing start?
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You can join a professional paintballing team by taking part in their auditions or trials.

Can a 10 year old go paintballing?

in america 10yr olds can go paintballing it just depends which county but in england u have to be 11

Will my paintballing smoke grenade still work if I left it outside overnight in the rain?

No, your paintballing smoke grenade will not work if left outside overnight in the rain.

What is the legal age to go paintballing in the UK?

12 is the minimal age with parental consent, but, if you're over 16 you can go paintballing without parental consent.

How old do you have to be to go paintballing?

the minimum age is 10

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How much is it to go paintballing?

Roughest estimate: $50.

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Because it were happen to awesome.

Why was paintballing invented?

Because its awesome! you should try it its so fun!

How do you say paintballing in french?

faire du paintball

What is the difference between junior group and adult group in paintballing?

well the adult gun is more powerful than the junior and i know this because i have been paintballing when i was junior and twice when i am older

Can you do paintballing in limerick?

There is combat zone close to Newcastle west

Are there paintballing tournaments in the UK?

There are but google for sited near your location.

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24 oz.

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Yes. It hurts a lot though.

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The Daily Orbit - 2012 Cosmic Paintballing 1-45 was released on: USA: 29 October 2012

What is a sport in the United Kingdom that involves the landscape?

Cross country running, paintballing, orienteering.

What is the age limit to do paintballing?

the legal age requirement for insurance is 10.

What are sparklets in paintballing?

small disposable CO2 cartridges for certain markers

How tall do you have to be to go paintballing?

maybe at least 6 or 8 to what ever

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Cuz u wear masks and red jumpsuits

Is it ok for a 11 year old to go paintballing?

Yes if they are responsible.

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Yes! paintball is statistically one of the safest sports in the country.

How old do you have to be for paintballing in wales?

normally 13, but it can vary from different paintball fields

What is the min age for paintballing in the UK?

normally 13, but it vary from different paintball fields.

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