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he named himself the undertaker in Wrestling but if he's not in wrestling his name is Mark Callaway

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He is healing up from injuries and getting ready to return to the ring.

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His real name is Mark William Callaway.

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Q: How did mark callaway get the name undertaker?
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What is the Undertaker's last name?

his name is mark callaway so it is callaway his name is mark callaway so it is callaway

What is the original name of the undertaker?

Mark Callaway.

Who is the undertaker away from wrestling?

Mark Callaway is the Undertaker's real name.

What is wwe's undertahers real name?

The Undertaker's real name is Mark Callaway

What is the first middle and last name of undertaker?

Mark William Callaway

What is the real name of 'The Undertaker'?

The Undetaker's real name is Mark Calaway.

Where is mark callaway today?

He is still The Undertaker....

Where was mark the undertaker callaway born?

The Undertaker was born in Huston, Texas on March 24,1965

What is mark callaway undertaker worth?

34Million Dollars (US)

What is The Undertaker's real name?

His birth name is Mark William Calaway (born March 24, 1965).Mark William CalawayMark Callaway x

Who is gunner calloway?

Hi Gunner Callaway is Mark 'The Undertaker' Callaway's song form his first marriage.

Why are people trying to get Mark Callaway and Sara apart by a rumor that Mark Callaway is dating Michelle McCool?

The Undertaker and Michelle McCool ARE dating.