How did chess originate?

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A way for Indian generals to plan attacks.

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Q: How did chess originate?
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Where did the game of chess originate from?

Chess first originated in India

Who is originate the game chess?

The earliest forms of chess originated in India

In which country did Chess originate?

Chess is believed to have originated in ancient India.

In what year did chess originate?

Chess originated in about 500 A.D. in India.

How did game of chess originate?

In India.

Which Country did chess originate?

India, no doubt.

Which country did game of chess originate?

the game CHESS originated in INDIA, a long centuries back.....

When did chess originate?

It is ancient, actually coming from Isreal.

What game did chess originate from?

In about 550 B.C. the game Chatranj spread to Persia from India. There in Persia it evoved into the game chess.

Where did the game of chess originate?

The most antiques vestiges of the chess was found in INDIA. At the time, instead rooks, as we know, there was elephants. It was know as CHATURANGA

In which year was chess invented?

Chess wasn't invented in an exact year. Chess took many years to invent, but chess DID originate in the 1200s in India.Chess originated in the Sixth Century AD in India, and from there spread to Persia. When the Arabs conquered Persia, it spread into the Arab nations, and from there into Europe when the Moors conquered Spain.

Where did chess originate?

Chess originated in India in or about the 6th century AD when it was known as Chaturanga. It was moved across the world by conquering armies and well received everywhere. By the 1200s, the 'modern game' was taken to Scandinavia by the vikings.

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