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They contributed to sport by reproducing the people who invented sport. THe cavemen passed on their sport down to generations and their children alter the sport.

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Q: How did cavemen contribute to sport?
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What is the first sport played?

catch. with a rock. the cavemen.

What was the us first sport?

Unorganized running. Even the cavemen did some foot races.

When does sport date back to?

it dates back to Testosterone....most likely cavemen. Don't forget, hunting is a sport even if you need to live from the meat.

Do you agree that sport can contribute towards a sense of national unity?


Who made the first types of music?

cavemen cavemen

Is cavemen and people is alike?

Yes. We is Cavemen before.

Why are cavemen called cavemen?

because they lived in caves

What numbers did cavemen use?

What numbers did cavemen use

Was there really cavemen?

yes! there was cavemen,well that's what i have herd

Did cavemen have a language of their own?

no, look at 'how did cavemen communicate' Rik

Did cavemen create the wheel?

No the cavemen did not create the Mesopotamians did before them.

What did cavemen discover?

cavemen discovered how to make fire from sticks?

When was Walking with Cavemen created?

Walking with Cavemen was created in 2005.

When was The Cavemen Go created?

The Cavemen Go was created in 2003.

If cavemen and astronauts got into a fight who would win?

cavemen would

What was the cavemen?

Cavemen are people who lived in caves during the ice age

Are Cavemen and Neanderthals the same thing?

Neanderthals were a species of cavemen, yes.

How did cavemen understand each other?

How did cavemen understand each other

What is the duration of Walking with Cavemen?

The duration of Walking with Cavemen is 1.67 hours.

What did cavemen do?

Cavemen discovered fire and learned how to control it. They used it to cook the animals they hunted this is one of the ways cavemen survived. Cavemen also used fire to keep warm.

Who are cavemen?

cavemen are homless people who live in caves and eat cows and bugs

What did cavemen use for clothing?

Cavemen wore the skins of animals they caught and killed.

How did cavemen survive against dinosaurs?

Cavemen and Dinosaurs were not around at the same time.

Who taught the cavemen how bake bread?

Cavemen taught self how bake bread.

When was Cavemen - TV series - created?

Cavemen - TV series - was created in 2007.

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