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Basketball has brought the world together, similar to what many other sports have done. Anyone can get together, regardless of race, religion, and ethnicity, and play a simple game of basketball.

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Q: How did basketball impact the world?
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What impact did basketball make in the world?

it provided people a new hobby to enjoy and it made a big impact that was strong and it basically brought the world together.

What kind of impact has LeBron James put on the world?

he played basketball really well

If you throw a basketball 100 MPH at a wall will it come back 100 MPH?

No. Assuming the basketball can with stand the impact, the basketball will lose kinetic energy to the air around it and to the wall on impact.

What was the game basketball impact?

The game of basketball has become a very professional sport

What is the environmental impact of a basketball?

there isn't one

Does other cultures impact basketball?


What impact does basketball have on people?

It depends on how hard you hit them with it.

How does basketball impact society?

it brings race togethr

What is the International name of basketball?

Basketball is known around the world as 'basketball'.

When was World Basketball Manager created?

World Basketball Manager was created in 2009.

When did World Basketball Manager happen?

World Basketball Manager happened in 2008.

When was World Basketball Association created?

World Basketball Association was created in 2004.

When was Basketball World Cup created?

Basketball World Cup was created in 2002.

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How did Balboa Impact the world

What impact did basketball make for the English people?

Basketball is played in English schools, but it is still a small sport compared to Soccer. Not that many English people watch Basketball.

How has basketball changed the world?

basketball has changed the world by giving the people of earth somthing fun to do

Whoes the best basketball player in the world?

abdi salat is the best basketball player in the world.

When did World Professional Basketball Tournament end?

World Professional Basketball Tournament ended in 1948.

When was World Professional Basketball Tournament created?

World Professional Basketball Tournament was created in 1939.

When was FIBA Basketball World Cup created?

FIBA Basketball World Cup was created in 1950.

How big is the sport basketball?

Basketball is the bigest sport in the world.

Is basketball more phyisical than football?

No. Football is more physical than basketball. The average force of impact of tackles in football is much stronger than than contact in basketball.

What is World Basketball Association's motto?

The motto of World Basketball Association is 'The next best thing to the NBA'.

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