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If my memory serves me correctly, that was Muhammad Ali's first mentor with the boxing. They met at a neighborhood level.

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Q: How did Muhammed ali know Joe Martin?
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What training did Muhammed Ali have?

joe Martin, who was a Louisville Policeman and also trained young men to be boxers took him in and began to train him.

Who did Joe Frazier say he wanted like a hog wants slop?

Muhammed Ali

When was Muhammed Abdul Ali born?

Muhammed Abdul Ali was born in 1951.

How tall is Muhammed Ali Kesici?

Muhammed Ali Kesici is 170 cm.

What was the most Muhammed Ali made for a fight?

Ali made $6 million for the third frazier fight, apparently twice what Smokin' Joe received.

How did joe martin inspire Muhammad ali?

this is none of your business

When was Mansoor Muhammed Ali Qattaa born?

Mansoor Muhammed Ali Qattaa was born in 1982.

When was Muhammed Ali Khan Wallajah born?

Muhammed Ali Khan Wallajah was born in 1717.

When did Muhammed Ali Khan Wallajah die?

Muhammed Ali Khan Wallajah died in 1795.

What were the names of the boxing matches Muhammed Ali versus Joe frazier?

the first was the fight of the century, and the third was the thrilla in manilla.

Who were muhammed Ali's parents?

Mr and Mrs Ali

Who were the fighters that beat muhammed ali in fights?

Trevor Berbick, Larry Holmes, Leon Spinks, Ken Norton, and Joe Frazier.