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Q: How did Michelle Kwan fracture her left toe?
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Related questions

How did Michelle Kwan break her toe?

Once, Michelle Kwan accidentlly hit her arm against a wall and then got angry and hit it back with her foot.

Did Michelle Kwan fall?

Michelle Kwan broke her toe because she toed in the ice too hard on her triple axel, but she landed it. So she did not fall , but she quit ice skating because she hard times lots of her loved ones died.

What is a angulated fracture in fifth toe?

An angulated fracture is one in which the bones, once broken, no longer line up in the straight line they used to assume, and have broken into an angle. The fifth toe is the little toe.

What is the medical term meaning fractured toe?

Phalangeal fracture or fractured phalanx is a broken toe (or finger).

English pronunciation for latin word quanto?

Just the way it looks: KWAN-toe

What kind of tretment do you get if you have a hallux fracture?

big toe splint

How long does it take a broken big toe growth plate fracture to heal?

4-5 weeks depending on age, children of course being faster due to them still growing. It is a very sore fracture and causes a cut on the toe above the fracture that is stitched very easy!

What is the recovery time hairline fracture of toe?

4-6 weeks

What colour is your toe when it is fractured?

During a toe fracture the muscles & blood capillaries get ruptured . The toe at first is swollen and appears red but later it turns bluish black.

Can you play softball with a toe chip fracture?

probably not but you should talk to your doctor

What is a divergent big toe?

big left toe

What is the icd-9 for an undiagnosed mass or tumor LEFT TOE?

LEFT TOE 198 or 199

Which is the great toe on the human foot?

The "great toe" is the largest toe on the human foot--the one on the right of the left foot and on the left of the right foot. In the US it is more commonly known as your "big toe."

What is the toe next to your pinky toe called?

left side:ring toe right side:not visible

Pain in between the left pinky toe?

Pain in between the left pinky toe may be as a result of inflammatory in nature.

How do you get cure of bone chip fracture on leg toe?

Keep the weight off that foot, a bandage, and wait.

Sample sentence of the word toe?

"I was born with an extra toe on my left foot."

What causes pain in between the left pinky toe?

Pain in between the left pinky toe might have been caused by inflammatory in nature.

Why do you recyle metals?

suck my big left toe and suck your mums toe nail

Is your pinky toe broken?

No, but the middle toe on the left was, and hurts when it's wet and cold.

If your left middle toe was as big as your middle toe what would happen?

Absolutely nothing as it is true by default.

How can you shower with a spiral fractured toe?

I broke my toe yesterday, went to A&E, got it taped up and on crutches. It's a spiral fracture in the toe next to the big toe. How can I shower/wash without damaging it more? I don't want to impede the healing as I need it to be healed in time for my holiday and it's already unlikely if that will happen.

What is the meaning of the term 'wang'?

It means big, hairy, left toe. Wing means big, hairy, right toe.

What are toe in alignment specs for 1995 Chevrolet C1500 pickup 2WD?

0.02° - 0.22° left/right & total toe of 0.04° - 0.44°

What should a 7 year old be for Halloween?

my left toe