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His mom sent him to a swim team. He meet his coach Bob Bowman there and he saw great talent in Michael.

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Q: How did Michael Phelps get introduced to swimming?
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Why did Michael Phelps choose swimming?

His sisters influenced him into swimming. He was introduced to swimming when he was young by his sisters, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He chose swimming because it was his main hobby, and something he wanted to do with his life.

What age did Michael Phelps start swimming?

Michael Phelps began swimming at age 7 at the North Baltimore Swimming Club.

What sport is Michael Phelps known for?

Michael Phelps is known for swimming.

How was Michael Phelps discovered?

Michael Phelps was discovered by his great spead in swimming.

What does Michael Phelps likes?

what does Michael Phelps like? Of course he likes swimming because he's a swimming champ!

Why Michael Phelps chose swimming?

Actully Bob Bowman chose swimming for Michael.

What are Michael Phelps interest?


Michael Phelps careers?


Who has 8 golds from the US for swimming?

Michael Phelps has 23 in total, 8 is how much he won in a single Olympics.

Michael Phelps mother?

Michael Phelps mother is Debra (Debbie Phelps.) She went with him to the Beijing Summer Olympics and cheered him on in all of his swimming races.

What events does Michael Phelps play in?


What category of swimming does Michael Phelps do?


What sport does Michael Phelps play?

He does swimming.

What sport did Michael Phelps participate in?


What are Michael Phelps interests?

obviously swimming?

Who won the most medals in swimming Olympics?

Michael Phelps

What is Michael Phelps' favorite sport?


Who is a famous swimming athlete?

Michael phelps

Is Michael Phelps still swimming?

Yes...I think he's still swimming!

How many events is Michael Phelps swimming?


Did Michael Phelps have a college degree in swimming?


What sports did Michael Phelps play professionally?


Who is the current olympic hero in swimming?

Michael Phelps

What does Michael Phelps like?

Swimming and Texting (txting)

Fastest swimming land animal?

Michael Phelps