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Jeff hardy was the name of their mom and she died of potato sauce cancer when she licked i am a sick assss hole that has no life

no the person tha said that is a sick B!@#$ and Matt and jeffs mom died of brain cancer Jeff was bout 6 i think and Matt 9 which must be horrible to have to watch them suffer :(

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Q: How did Matt and Jeff hardys mom died?
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Is Jeff hardys mom dead?

Yes, She died of Cancer

Jeff hardys dads name?

Jeff Hardy's dads name is Gilbert Moore hardy but sadly Jeff's mom passed away when he was just nine and Matt Jeff's brother was only twelve.

Show a picture of Matt hardy and Jeff hardy mom and dad?

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How old was Jeff hardy when his mom died?

Jeff was 9 when his mom died. he said it was a tough time for him and Matt.

Why are Matt and Jeff fighting?

they are fighing because Matt was so jealous that he hit Jeff in the head with a steel chair at the royal rumble when Jeff was in a match with edge.that is how it all started.then it all ended at wrestlemania in the hardys 'i quit' match.Matt hardy quit and Jeff hardy won.but at the very end,Matt brought up him and jeffs mom who had died about 23 years ago and i think Jeff started to cry when Matt did that because Jeff sniffled a little bit.Matt was jealous of all jeffs fans.he thought Jeff had way more fans than him which is totally true.

What is Jeff Hardys Childhood?

Jeff and his brother Matt's mother died when they were young and their dad had to go to work so they took care of each other and after their mom died they started doing exciting things and they had a lot of fun and they got really close but at the role ruble mat buttered Jeff and they weren't the hardy boyz any more they stopped talking and at back lash Matt apologized to Jeff and 3 months later Jeff use fired in a i quite match and he haz not come back but he said he might not and so Jeff is at home and Matt is still wrestling

What year did Jeff Hardy's mom die?

She died of brain cancer in 1986, when Matt was 12 and Jeff was 9.

WHo is Matt Hardy's mother?

Matt and Jeff Hardy's mom was Ruby Moore, but she died when they were really young of cancer

What is Jeff hardys parents names?

dad- Girlbert mom- Ruby Moore Hardy (R.I.P in 1986)

Who is Jeff hardy and Matt hardy mom?

Her name was Ruby but she died of brain cancer when the guys were real young

Is Matt hardy's brother Jeff hardy?

yes matt hardy's brother is jeff hardy because they have the same dad and mom

Did Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy's Mom and Dad die?

There Mother died of Brain Cancer Before both of the boys were even 10 :(

What does Matt look like?

Matt looks like his mom while Jeff looks like his dad

How old is Matt Hardy mom?

She's dead. She's been dead since Matt was 12 and Jeff was 9

What do Jeff Hardys parents look like?

You can actually find out what they look like go to this link to see what what their dad looks like but to see their mom you have to go to google images then type in Jeff Hardy's parents

What Does Jeff Hardy's mom look like?

look on the internet or buy twist of fate: Matt and Jeff hardy story in stores now.

Wwe who is Jeff's parent's?

Jeff's parents are claud g "the ledgend" Jeff doesn't have a mom she died when he was 9 of cancer.

Who is Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy's Mom and Dad name?

Their dad's name is Gilbert and their mother's name was Ruby

How is John Cena related to the Hardy's?

Jeff and Matt's mom's last name used to be cena before she married her husband and became a hardy. Her brother, whos last name was cena, married. He had a son named John. John grew up to be a wwe superstar. He became the wwe champion, john cena. He also rapped from ages 7-19. He went to concerts to rap in. But on his 19th birthday he joined wwe. He worked with Jeff and Matt in a tag team called cena and the Hardy's. Then Rey Mysterio joined them. They became the backbusters. Then they were The Mysterious cenation Hardy's. but it didnt sound right so they stayed the backbusters. But the backbusters don't wrestle as a team anymore. June 2010 the answer above is a lie! Jeff and Matt are not related to John Cena, Matt and Jeff's mom's maiden name was not Cena! Nor did Cena join WWE when he was 19. Please don't post lies and and that is all the answer above me is! It is one big lie! Oh. Sorry. I was told this by a friend i guess i got a little to exited. Becuase Cena and the hardys are my favorite and im obsessed with wwe so... Im sorry.

What was Jeff hardy child hood like?

bad his mom died when he was 9

How did Jeff hardy mom die?

his mother died of brain cancer in 1986 when he was 9.

What did Jeff Gordon's mom do for a living?

It is not known what Jeff Gordon's mom did for a living. Jeff Gordon is a race car driver with NASCAR.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Parents - 2013?

The cast of The Parents - 2013 includes: Loanne Bishop as Mom Jeff Harlan as Dad Matt Shevin as Chad Katherine Von Till as Stacy

What is Jeff hardy kids name?

Jeff hardy does not have any kids. but his full name is jeffery Nero hardy.Jeff has 5 kids. oldest oldest is zaich mom is natalya n. then it is bell mom is torrie w. then is christian mom is Candice. last are his twins Jeff jr and raie mom is natalya again.

What is Jeff Kinney's mom's name and his dads?

mom: Madeline dad:Bruce