How did Kobe Bryant helped Sally Ride?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How did Kobe Bryant helped Sally Ride?
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Who helped Sally Ride achieve her goals?

Neil Armstrong and Kobe Bryant.

What impact did Sally Ride make in the US?

Sally ride helped women around the world and encouraged women to follow there dreams an that there is a first time for everything.

What helped Sally Ride succeed her flight?

The only thing I know is, that the space shuttle Challenger helped her succeed.

What is the birth name of Sally Ride?

Sally Ride's birth name is Ride, Sally Kristen.

When did Sally Ride retire?

when did sally ride retire

What is Sally Ride's nationality?

Sally Ride was American.

What actors and actresses appeared in National Tribute to Sally Ride - 2013?

The cast of National Tribute to Sally Ride - 2013 includes: Sally Ride as Sally Ride

How old was Sally Ride'?

sally ride is 58

Did Sally Ride Have Kids?

Yes Sally Ride had kids

When did Sally Ride become an astronaut?

sally ride was 1983

What were the goals of Sally Ride?

Sally Ride had many goals

What song has the lyrics ride sunny ride?

Could be 'Mustang Sally' but the lyric is "Ride, Sally, Ride".