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their are no us olympic games its a international thing stupid

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Q: How did Greece Olympic games influence US Olympic games?
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Where did the olympic games take place?

The Olympic games have taken place in several countries over the years. Some places where the Olympics have been held are Greece, Russia, and the US.

3 contributions from ancient Greece to the world?

*Ancient greece gave us a democracy * Ancient greece gave use the hippocratic vote *They gave us the Olympic games

How did Greece influence the US?

Greece influenced the US by passing down technology and science that we us everyday.

How many medals did US Olympic won in 2011?

There were no Olympic Games - summer or winter in 2011. But there was a special Olympic Games that were held in Athens. But this is also known as The Special Olympic Games" and there's no inidcation of US in it.

What two countries have competed in all Olympic Games?

Five countries - Australia, France, Great Britain, Greece, and Switzerland - have been represented at all Summer Olympic Games. Greece is the only one to have participated under its own flag in all Games.France did not send a team to the 1904 games. One Frenchman competed, for the US and a mixed team.

When will the next Olympic games be in the US?

The next United States Olympic Games will be decided by the National Olympic Committee.

How many US athletes compete in the 2008 olympic games?

The US has 596 athletes competing in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

What US city were the first Olympic games held?

St. Louis was home of the first olympic games on US soil. It was in the summer of 1904.

Which winter olympic events US did not get a medal in 2007?

There were no Olympic Games in 2007. The summer games were in 2008 and the winter games were in 2010.

What is the value of the US Olympic coins of the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games?


How did ancient Greece influence us today on todays society?

Ancient Greece influenced architecture a lot (with columns)

How many bronze medals did the US win in the 2004 Summer Olympic games?

The US won 28 bronze medals at the 2004 Summer Olympic games in Athens.

Which was the first us city to host the olympic summer games?

Seoul was the first city to host the Summer Olympic Games. In 1806.

How many US Olympic athletes have competed in previous Olympic games?

907 (not including the 2010 games so add it up)

Which US state turned down Olympic games?

Colorado turned down the Olympic games. In 1972, Colorado informed the Olympic committee that they didn't want the 1976 Winter Olympic Games to be held in Colorado. They were awarded the games in 1970, but went back to the Olympic committee in 1972 and said they didn't want them.

What is theUS medal count in 1988 Winter Olympic Games?

The US earned a total of 6 medals at the 1988 winter Olympic games.

What was the last year the Olympic Games were in the US?


How many athletes from the US participate in the Olympics?

According to the United States Olympic Committee, the US sent 613 athletes to compete in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens and 211 athletes to compete in the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin.

How did ancient Greece influence America?

By giving us things such as words, literature, and the theme of plays. Greece also influenced America by giving us the common use of the Alphabet.

Who is the nation who win the most medals in olympic games in London 2012?

The US won the most medals in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

How is the Olympic games to us today?

The Olympic games are now a commercial enterprise far more than a sporting tournament. It is driven my sales and markets.

How did the Parthenon building in Greece influence the buildings in the US?

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What was the influence on the US from Ancient Greece?

The influence of Ancient Greece in politics, architecture, the arts and language was received via the countries which settled North America. So ancient Greece gave nothing directly to the US. It came from Britain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy etc in various forms, copies and re-developments.

What was the first us city to host olympic summer games?

The United States first hosted the Summer Olympic Games in St. Louis in the year 1904.

How many medals does the US have in the 2012 Olympic Games?