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Fernando Torres was transferred from the Spanish team Atletico Madrid in 2007.

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Q: How did Fernando Torres start football for Liverpool?
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How did Fernando Torres start playing football?

Torres started of as a goalkeaper

When did Liverpool start playing Football and when did Liverpools Seven Gerrard start playing in Liverpool.?

Liverpool were established in 1892. Steven Gerrard signed with Liverpool on 5 November 1997 and his first-team debut was on 29 November 1998, as a substitute against the Blackburn Rovers. He Is probably the best player in Liverpool history and also is much better than the traitor Fernando Torres

When did Fernando Torres start playing soccer?

Age of five

At what age did Fernando Torres start playing soccer?

at the age of 15

When did Fernando Torres start being goal keeper in soccer?

I think he was a striker always.

WHAT Football teams that start and end with letter L?


When did English football first start?

it started in England in 1864 near Liverpool.

How many goals did torres score in 2010 world cup?

Unfortunately Fernando Torres didn't score a single goal. He didn't get much playing time because David Villa started up front at the start of every game.

Which 4 football teams names start and end with the same letter?

Celtic, Liverpool, Northampton Town, Aston Villa.

When did Liverpool start playing?

Liverpool started playing in 1892

What is the Liverpool postcode?

They start with L. Liverpool city centre is L1

Why is Liverpool losing this season?

They are losing as they lost Xabi Alonso, and now Steven Gerrard has to sit deeper, and therefore, Torres and Gerrard don't play near eachother. Benitez needs to start playing Aqualani and Mascherano with Gerrard behind Torres, otherwise he's well on his way to getting sacked.

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