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Diego Maradona and Pele influenced soccer for quite similar reasons.

Both players were critically acclaimed at such a young age. At 17, Pele had already won the World Cup with Brazil.

Also, both players were magnificent.

Pele had sheer skill and speed and no defender could cope. Nearly everytime Pele recieved the ball near the opposition's goal, he would score soon after.

Maradona could dribble past an entire team, twice. He had pure skill and awareness. His composure on the ball was unstoppable.

Maradona also went on to manage Argentina in the World Cup 2010.

However, in the 1986 World Cup, Maradona controversially handballed the ball into the goal, knocking Enlgand out of the World Cup.

This had a huge blow on Maradona's reputation, but he is still known as a World Class player.

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Q: How did DiegoMaradona and Pele influence soccer?
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