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He began to play Baseball after he enjoyed playing baseball

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Q: How did Derek Jeter become a baseball player?
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Who is the best player in Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2009?

Derek Jeter

Is Derek Jeter the hottest baseball player?

Yes ;)

Does derek jeter like baseball?

Yes derek jeter likes baseball

When and where was baseball player Derek Jeter born?

Derek Jeter was born June 26, 1974, in Pequannock, NJ, USA.

Is Derek Jeter the best baseball player alive?

no alex is

Who is the most popular baseball player of US?

Derek Jeter

Who is the cutest Major League Baseball player?

Derek Jeter.

When was Derek Jeter introduced to baseball?

Derek Jeter was introduced to baseball as a small child.

Was Derek Jeter ever suspended from baseball?

No Derek Jeter was never suspended from baseball

Current baseball player with most championship rings?

Derek jeter

Which baseball player hasmost World Series rings?

Derek Jeter

Who stole Derek Jeter's baseball glove?

Outfielder Ruben Rivera was the player who stole Derek Jeter's glove in 2002, and was quickly released for his actions.

What are some of Derek Jeter's jobs?

Derek Jeter is a professional baseball player for the New York Yankees. He is also founder of the Turn 2 Foundation.

What major league baseball player was born in Kalamazoo Michigan?

Derek Jeter

What baseball player has been romantically linked with Jessica Biel?

Derek Jeter

Is Derek Jeter considered the best baseball player on the New York Yankees?


Who is the person named Derek Jeter?

Derek Jeter is a famous Major League Baseball Player that plays for the New York Yankees. He is the Yankees all time hit leader and is a very good baseball player.

Why is the baseball player Derek Jeter so famous?

Derek Jeter is the all-time Yankees hit leader. He was also named the team captain in 2003.

Does Derek Jeter bat right or left?

MLB player Derek Jeter bats right.

Does Derek Jeter throw right or left?

MLB player Derek Jeter throws right.

Who was the 2011 best major league baseball player ESPY award?

Derek jeter

Who is the best major league baseball player ever?

Derek Jeter Go YANKS

Who is the hottest baseball player?

Definitely Derek Jeter. P.S. He's so hot.

Is David Wright the hottest baseball player?

No, no way. It's definitely Derek Jeter.

Is Derek Jeter an American baseball player?

Yes, he plays for the New York Yankees.