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Q: How did Daley Thompson feel when he took part in the decathlon?
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What sport did Daley Thompson take part in?

Daley Thompson took part in the decathlon. This sport is a combination of ten track and field events.

Which part of Scotland was Daley Thompson's mum from?


How many Olympics did daley Thompson take part in?

4 ... the 1976 Games in Montreal, 1980 Games in Moscow, 1984 Games in Los Angeles, and 1988 Games in Seoul. Daley won gold in men's decathlon at the 1980 and 1984 Games, finished 18th at the 1976 Games, and finished 4th at the 1988 Games.

What do you call a athlete who takes part in a decathlon?

What do you call a athlete who takes part in a decathlon

Who can do the decathlon?

anyone who is fit enough can train or take part in a decathlon

What is Richard J. Daley College's motto?

Richard J. Daley College's motto is 'Part of your Daley Life'.

When does a decathlon happen?

When one is arranged as part of a games event or competition.

What are the release dates for My Boys - 2006 Decathlon Part Deux 3-4?

My Boys - 2006 Decathlon Part Deux 3-4 was released on: USA: 21 April 2009 Belgium: 5 June 2010

How many events dose a decathlete take part in?

A decathlete takes part, or competes, in ten events. These events are as a whole refer to as a decathlon.

What is Tom Daley's top diving speed?

The speed of the dives are not measured as part of the event.

What part of the olympic games involves an activity called the decathlon how many events do you think make up the decathon?

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