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Her school teacher told her one day after Cathy's first race that she was really good at running. Cathy went into competitive running and has ran ever since.

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Q: How did Cathy freeman get involved in running?
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What are Cathy Freeman's sporting achievements?

Cathy freeman is know for running

Did Cathy Freeman retire in her running?

no Cathy Freeman have not retire yet

When did Cathy Freeman start running?

Cathy freeman started running in grade 1 when her class teacher told her she should have a go at school sports and since then shes carried on running

What does Cathy Freeman train for?

Running (sprints)

What sport did Cathy Freeman play?


Famous athlete in running?

Cathy freeman

What was Cathy freeman's first career job?


When did Cathy Freeman stop competitive running?

when I was ded

What did Cathy Freeman achieve out of running?

Cathy Freeman achieved getting a gold medal and becoming the fastest women for the 400m in the world. I would love to be her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What has Cathy Freeman accomplished in her life?

cathy freeman has got 7 gold medles in her running life and gave birth to a baby girl named ruby

What sport does Cathy freeman play?

she competes in running. she is an excellent little runner!

Is Cathy Freeman the youngest?

No cathy freeman is not the youngest.

Is Cathy freeman aboriginal?

yes Cathy freeman is aboriganal

When did Cathy freeman retire?

Cathy freeman retired in 2003

How tall is Cathy freeman?

Cathy Freeman's height is 1m64

What is Cathy Freeman's occupation?

Cathy freeman does track and field.

Does Cathy Freeman have a boyfriend?

Cathy Freeman has a boyfriend yuk!!

Cathy freeman's childhood?

Cathy Freeman childhood was really harsh.

Why does Cathy freeman deserve to be remembered?

Cathy freeman has a daughter and she is alsome

What are the names of Cathy freeman's brothers?

Norman who is 2 years younger than Cathy Freeman and Garth who is 3 year younger that Cathy Freeman.

What country was Cathy freeman born in?

Cathy Freeman was born in Queensland, Australia.

What effect does Cathy Freeman have on the aboriginals?

i don't know ask cathy freeman

What is Cathy Freeman's language or community?

Cathy Freeman is from Australia and her language is English.

When was Cathy Freeman born?

Cathy Freeman was born on February 16, 1973.

When did Cathy freeman start the Olympics?

Cathy freeman started the Olympics when she was 20