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Q: How deep is a diving pool?
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Related questions

What is the end of the pool where diving can be done called?

The Deep End or diving zone

How deep does a pool without a diving board need to be for diving from pool's edge?

Generally, the safe depth is around 2m-2.5m

How deep in an olympic pool for high diving?

16 feet

How deep is the diving pool at the 2012 Olympics?

6 meters

How deep does a pool have to be to have a diving board?

About 10 feet or more

How deep is the diving pool at the Olympics?

5 meters (16 feet)

How deep is the olympic diving pool?

six feet at 7 inch minimun

How deep is the diving pool in the Beijing Water Cube?

5/6 meters

How deep is the Olympic pool for high diving in Beijing?

5 or 6 meters

Name a rule that's often posted near a swimming pool?

No pooping in pool, no running around pool, and no diving depending on how deep it is.

How deep is the olympic diving pool at London?

The diving pool at the London Olympics has to be a minimum depth of 4.5 meters, but the preferred depth is 5 meters (16 feet 4 inches).

How deep is the pool in diving at the commonwealth games 2014 in Glasgow?

The Diving pool at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games was 3 meters deep. The depth is the official depth according to the FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation) regulations.

What is a sport swimming pool?

Usually they mean a 50m or 25m pool which is rectangular and has a shallow and deep end with diving availability:)

What is the deepest pool at the Roy Aquatic Center?

The Lap pool at the Aquatic Center is 13 feet deep in the diving area.

How much does it cost to convert a diving pool into a play pool?

6-10 grand to raise the deep end and resurface the pool. More if you want other stuff done.

How many gallons of water does a diving pool that is 30 ft by 16 ft hold?

In order to solve this problem, you need to know how deep the pool is.

How deep is the Olympic pool for high diving?

5 meters at sheffield and coventry Last pool I dived into from a ten meter Olympic board was 16 feet deep. According to FINA (the international swimming regulatory body), the minimum depth for pool which allows 10m platform diving is 5m. Refer to the link below for the minimum dimensions (including depths) of pools which may be used for the various Olympic diving events.

Slide On In, Jump Right Out?

One of the most common pool accessories that people have added to their pool is a diving board or sliding board. A diving board needs to be added to the deepest part of the pool so that those who jump off of it do not hit their head on the bottom of the pool. The sliding board can be placed at any side of the pool as long as the water is deep enough for the person sliding to not get hurt.

How deep is the diving pool in bejiing?

it is about 5 to 6 meters elise x x x

What is the fastest diving way into a pool?

jump never dive, you don't know how deep it is

Are players allowed to touch the bottom of the pool in a water polo match?

No, the pool is over 2m deep at least, but deeper in higher levels. If you do you will probably get called up for duck diving.

How deep should a pool be in order to fit safe standards?

While the depth of the pool depends on the use, most private pools are at least six feet at some point. Public pools designed for diving can be up to 18 feet in the deep end

What causes discomfort in the midddle ear when diving to the bottom of a deep pool?

It is caused from the water pressure increasing on the outer eardrum as you go deeper

What are the dimensions of an Olympic diving pool?

100 feetby 50 feet by 14 feet at deep end and 3 feet at other end

If a pool was 3 m deep should a nonswimmer jump in?

There's two parts to this: 1) Only "jump in" a pool that is approved for diving, and only where it's deep enough that you won't be injured (by hitting the pool bottom or side). 2) If there's a shallow end, there no reason a non-swimmer couldn't wade into the pool under supervision (by a swimmer who can rescue them if they get into trouble). I wouldn't recommend a non-swimmer "jump in" the deep end of a pool even with supervision.