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It depends on the percentage of the mixture You can adjust the percentage depending on desired depth and length of dive.

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Q: How deep can a person dive with helium-oxygen air tanks?
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Who was the first person to deep sea dive?

Otis barton

Who was the first person to dive into the deep sea?

Otis bartoon

Who was the first person to dive deep into the sea?

alexi harris

Who was the first person to dive deep in the sea?

Jacques Cousteau

What are the depth of the titanic and are there any dsv s that can travel to that depth can a person dive to the titanic?

2,267 feet under and no, a person cannot dive to the Titanic; too deep

How deep can penguins dive?

They can dive up to 500 feet deep.

Do dolphins dive?

Yes, dolphins dive. What is not known is how deep they can dive although many don't dive more than 150 feet deep.

How deep can adelie penguins dive?

They can dive up to 500 feet deep.

When was Dive Deep created?

Dive Deep was created on 2008-01-28.

What is a two tank dive?

A dive that requires two tanks of air to complete

How deep can a Blue Whale dive?

The blue whale can dive for 10-20 minutes and dive for 500 metres deep.

How deep can an Adelie Penguin dive?

An Adelie Penguin can dive as deep as 575 feet.

Why do people that want to go deep underwater need a submarine or dive bell?

The pressure of the water that deep would crush a person.

How deep can dolphins dive?

The deepest diving whale is the sperm whale. It can dive up to10,500 feet. (new person) a whale or a dolphin? A dolphin can dive up to 2 miles in the ocean !

When was Dive Deep - Quintessence album - created?

Dive Deep - Quintessence album - was created in 1971.

How deep can Harbor Porpoises dive?

Harbor Porpoises will dive as deep as 656 ft. (200 meters)

Where to get dive in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The HM Dive is not in SoulSilver or HeartGold, for there is no deep water to dive into.

How do you dive deep into the water in Pokemon black?

You have to go to Undella and get the HM dive. Then you can dive (:

How deep can a shark dive?


How can submarines float and sink?

Submarines change their depth by use of ballast tanks. To dive, they open their tanks so that they become filled with water. They also angle their dive planes. To surface, they pump the water out of their tanks and fill them with pressurised air.

How deep can an angler fish dive?

very deep like deep

What kind of air do you use while your scuba diving?

Depends a bit on how deep you dive, but usually just average, regular air that's been a bit filtered and then compressed into tanks.

How deep can emperor penguins dive?

It can dive nearly 900 feet

How deep can a child scuba dive?

children should not scuba dive.

How deep can a sperm whale dive?

A Sperm Whale Can Dive Up To 9,800 Feet Deep. (Rounding Up To 10,000 Feet)