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No goals

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2012-08-30 16:35:04
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Q: How cricket is better than football?
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Is football better sport than cricket?

No one can really answer that because They have there own rights to which sport they think is better

Is a football pitch bigger than a cricket pitch?

Yes football pitch is big than cricket pitch

What is better football or cricet?

Football is far better and cleaner, cricket is full of match fixing.

What is better golf or cricket?

golf is better than cricket

Is new zealand better than Australia at cricket?

is new zealand better than australia at cricket

Is cricket a better phone company than boost mobile?

In my opinion, yes, cricket is better than boost mobile. It has better services and bonuses than boost mobile. Cricket has a better name too in my opinion.

Cricket or football is your favorite?


How many people watch cricket more than football?

You can watch live cricket at

Which is better fishing or football?

fishing is better than football

Which is better cricket or baseball?

it depends on what country you live in. Americans like baseball but loads of british and australians like cricket. Its your decision if you like baseball then you like baseball but if you prefer cricket then you like cricket more than baseball. OFcourse cricket 2nd most wanted game in the world after football.

Which is the best cricket or football?

Cricket is the best for 🇮🇳. Sorry football fans.

Are cricket phones better than boost mobile phones?

I Believe That Cricket Is Better! But Yuh May Think Dat Boost Is Better But Cricket Is Better If U Cheap.. And Boost Cost More.

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