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Q: How cricket helps in keeping your body healthy?
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What happens when you eat healthy food?

When you eat healthy food, your body is given fuel. This greatly helps with keeping your organs in good, healthy, working condition.

How do you keep yourself healthy?

Work out and don't eat a lot of junk food. Running helps you a lot as well With stress and keeping your body healthy and fit. -_-

How are vaccines important in keeping your body healthy?

They are not

What does the skin do for us?

The skin helps to maintain a healthy body temperature by keeping the body cool and warm. The skin also helps to activate vitamin D from the sun before so that it can form properly within the body.

Function of the nutrient in the body?

Keeping us healthy Essential for growth of body and Brain

Explain the role of inorganic nutrients in keeping the body healthy?

Vitamins, minerals, and water are inorganic nutrients keep the body healthy

How can one prevent deficiency diseases?

by keeping always their body healthy

The Effect of Exercise on Human Body?

It strengthens your muscles, helps maintain a healthy weight, helps prevent obesity and keep body systems healthy.

What does exercising do?

It keeps your body in and shape and helps your body stay healthy.

How do nutrients help the body?

It helps our body to keep strong and healthy.

How the nutrients help the body?

It helps our body to keep strong and healthy.

Why do mammals and birds spend so much time cleaning themselves?

Keeping clean helps prevent disease and helps other factors. Keeping feathers, fur, scales and skin clean of dirt, debris and parasites helps animals stay healthy, prevent infections and helps prevent heat loss and helps cool the body by keeping the isolating fur, feathers, scales and skin at maximum functionality.

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