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Be prepared with enough supplies to withstand 72 hours and you should be alright but you cannot avoid all injury.

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Q: How couold you avoid injuries in natural disasters?
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How do you avoid or prevent a natural disaster?

You cannot prevent natural disasters. They are made by nature, so humans have no power to stop it from happening. However, you can avoid the natural disasters by evacuating in time to another place until the disaster has occurred.

What can be done to avoid Natural disasters?

To avoid natural disasters you can simply just provide yourself with things needed in case of any emergency such as; food, water, clothing, cleansing wipes, etc. So Please Be PREPARED ! Dont Be STUPID !!!! Be Protected !

How can we avoid natural disasters?

natural disasters cant be avoided we can try to work out when mabey like if a hurricane is forming that can be seen by air pressure and other methods sorry if i didnt not help i do the best i can .

What would make you want to avoid living on the ring of fire?

The danger of natural disasters, like earthquakes.

Two ways by which the Caribbean could cope with the challenges?

caribbean can avoid natural disastersless people mrigrating to the particular countries

What fitness injuries are among the easiest to avoid?

Eye and mouth injuries

How can injuries to the bones be prevented in the playground?

avoid playing

How do you avoid injuries in weight lifting?

You can avoid injuries in weight lifting by doing a warm up session before you begin lifting weights and ensuring that you use the weights appropriately.

What can people do to avoid injuries in an earthquake?

People can learn to avoid injuries from an earthquake by just having a first aid kit with them, packing food, and ducking under a sturdy table or desk.

How do you avoid injuries?

stay home and dont go anywhere

How will you avoid brain injuries?

by using a helmet when you gets in the motorcycle

Which is the best way to avoid overtraining and prevent injuries?


What are some natural treatments for psoriasis?

Some natural treatments for psoriasis include bathing as regular soaking helps reduce itching and redness of lesions. Avoid injuring your skin as even mild injuries like scratches can worsen psoriasis.

Are humans responsible for natural disasters?

No. Humans actually make them a lot less severe because we have ways to help, and our sophisticated weather prediction capabilities can help people avoid being hurt by the storm.

How do you avoid injuries in soccer?

Stretching before practicing and playing is one of the primary things someone can do to try to avoid injuries while playing soccer. It is also important to wear quality and well-fitting protective gear.

What is the reason why they are refugees?

People become refugees because they are forced out of their native homes because of natural disasters, political instability and conflicts such as civil wars. The main reason behind moving away is to avoid persecution and suffering.

Do's and dont's of chemical disasters?

remove all ur clothes immediately to avoid contamination

Why is kitchen safety important?

kitchen safety Is important to avoid injuries in the kitchen

How can one avoid the most common knee injuries?

The following are some ways to avoid the most common types of knee injuries; The 10 % rule, means keep the moderation when running. Always warm up and cool down before running and maintaining the right position and posture will always help prevent injuries.

What is the best way to avoid disasters at a catering event?

acquire so much experience that you are ready for anything

How do you avoid muscle injuries?

Stretch before any excersie you do and don't strain yourself

Which branch of science helps avoid or minimize stress-related injuries at workplace?


Why are there some injuries the orienteers can't avoid?

Because they aren't ninjas... like myself.

What is the safety protocol in a lab classroom?

The set of rules to follow to avoid accidents and injuries

can my kids knock this over?

This weight tree is designed to avoid injuries and save space.