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Originally Batista had set up a deal with strikeforce, but since strikeforce was bought by UFC prior this contract, there was never any deal made

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Q: How come batista never had a fight in the MMA yet?
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Is batista coming back to the WWE?

Dave Batista might come back,But rumors say he's going MMA

Where will batista go?


When will batista returning WWE?

Never. He's going to a MMA organization called ''Strikeforce''.

Where is WWE star batista?

Batista is training to become an MMA fighter.

When will batista come back com?

Never. The last word was that David Batista has droped a bunch of weight and is currnetly fighting MMA in I think the WEC which is just like the UFC with less mainstream "house-hold" names.

Is Batista going to MMA?

he thought about it but he decided not to

Is batista back to OVW?

He's going to MMA

IS Batista still under contract with the WWE?

No he really quit wwe and said that he will not come sooner and he has contract with MMA i think

WWE David batista?

He left in May 2010 to be in MMA.

Where is WWE superstar batista?

Batista is currently working on getting a contract for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

When will Dave Batista have his first fight in the UFC?

As of now, Never. Dave Batista has just started his mixed martial arts career but he is already more than 40 years old. UFC is the top MMA fighting promotion in USA and it usually hires only the top MMA fighters. Batista's MMA Career has just begun and he may have to win a few more high profile fights in order to join the UFC. If he wins a few more big fights, UFC would be more than happy to offer him a contract.

Where can one purchase MMA fight shorts?

MMA fight shorts may be purchased from several retailers. These retailers include Combat Sports, MMA Warehouse and MMA Overload. Other places to shop for MMA fight shorts are Cage Side MMA and MMA Outlet.

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