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Michael Jordan didn't get traded to the Wizards. He retired (for the second time) and three years later was a free agent who chose to sign with the Wizards.

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Q: How come Jordan was traded to the Wizards?
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What was Jordan's position when he played for the Wizards?

He didn't play for the Wizards.

Which team did Micheal Jordan play for after the bulls?

Washington wizards

How Michael Jordan career end?

Chicago bulls and Washington wizards

When did Michael Jordan join the wizards?

in 2001 he came back and played for the wizards

Why did Micheal Jordan leave wizards?

to old

Did Micheal Jordan play for the Wizards?


Did Michael Jordan take the Washington wizards to the playoffs?

He did not take the Wizards to any championships.

Michael Jordan played for who after the bulls?

Michael Jordan played for the Washington Wizards. XD

Did Micheal Jordan own and play for the Washington wizards?

Michael Jordan played for the Washington Wizards during the 2002-2003 season. Michael Jordan was a Round 1 draft pick of the Chicago Bulls in 1984. He played for the Bulls for a total of 12-years.

What basketball team was Michael Jordan cut from?

The Wizards

Was Michael Jordan on the wizards when he went into the hall of fame?


What team was Antwan Jamison on before he was traded to the Cavaliers?

Washington Wizards