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In the 2010-2011 season, Manchester City came in second place by only a few points.

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Q: How close did Manchester city come to winning the premier league?
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Which English premier league club is the richest?

Manchester United, worth over £2 billion due to a global fanbase, multi-billionaire owners, merchandise income and sponsorship income. Manchester City and Chelsea come close but has a more localized support

Which player scored the first Premier League goal?

Brian Deane (England) scored the first-ever English Premier League goal for Sheffield United against Manchester United on August 15th, 1992 in the fifth minute.He also scored the first penalty, 50th minute to close out a 2-1 victory on the opening day.

What year did Liverpool win the The League European cup and the League Cup Treble?

Liverpool FC won the football league, European cup and the League Cup in 1984. They have also won the League Cup, FA Cup and Uefa Cup in the same year 2001. In 1977 Liverpool FC came close to winning the European Cup, football league and FA cup but they lost in the FA cup final to Manchester United. Ironically Manchester United won the equivalent of that treble in 1999 when they became European Cup, Premier League and FA cup winners. Manchester United also won a treble of trophies in 2008 when they became the first club to become champions of England, champions of Europe and world club champions in the same year.

What year did premier league begin?

The English Premier League started on February 20th, 1992, and since then it has become the most watched national league in the world, with close to a 1 billion people tuning in during a season.

Who is betterman utd or man city?

i don't know, man utd have won more titles but at the minute man city are winning a lot of games and are at the top of the premier league so its a close one. I think man .........

What team is better Manchester United or Arsenal?

At the minute, Manchester United, they are close to 3 Premiership titles and 2 Champions League titles in a row.

Who scored 10000 goal in the premier league?

Les Ferdinand has that distinction when he scored from close range for Tottenham Hotspur.

How many soccer teams are in England?

I believe less than a hundred. I think close to hundred. There about 4 to 6 leagues in England. Premier League League Championship League One League Two Conference

Will man utd win the league in 2011?

Hopefully they will, this season has been very close between all the clubs at the top of the premier league table, but the last few games have been pivotal in the title race. Manchester United are 7 points clear with 7 games to go, but as we know anything can happen as we go into the title run in.

How many times has Arsenal won the Premier League?

Arsenal have won the English Premier League on three occasions, in the 1997-98 season, 2001-02 season, and 2003-04 season.For the first of these seasons, in Arsene Wenger's first full season in management within the United Kingdom, Arsenal overcame an 11-point lead which Manchester United held at one point of the season to win the Premier League by a single point.The second Arsenal triumph saw the team in close contention for much of the first half of the season, but sealing the division with 13 wins in their last 13 Premier League games, securing the league with a 1 - 0 victory over Manchester United on May 8, 2002.The third, and final, Arsenal Premier League triumph (as of 2013), saw the team go undefeated throughout the entire 38-game season - the first, and as yet only time a team has done so in the Premier League. While this record looked like being offset late into the second half of the season, as they were knocked out of their two cup competitions within a single week, they managed to retain their "invincible" status - finishing the season with 26 wins and 12 draws from 38 games.Arsenal have won the FA Premier league 3 times. and have won the top division, 13 times altogether.

How many miles between huddersfield and greenwich?

Yorkshire close to leeds and Manchester Yorkshire close to leeds and Manchester

Where did Oasis grow up?

Burnage/Wythenshawe, Close to Manchester Airport, Manchester.

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